[C]: Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control: episode 3: The Secrets of the Financial District


Yoga goes to meet his aunt in order to learn more about his vanished father who abandonned him and his mom when he was still young. But while he is investigating his own past, he is himself brought to be the center of attention of the Financial District.


First of all, Wow this show title is so fucking long to write. Now back to the episode at hand. This episode was a little bit less action packed than the previous one, but with good reasons. Last episode Mikuni refered to Yoga’s parents and just mentionning them seemed to have provoked Yoga in some way. So this episode we  got to learn a bit more about Yoga’s familial situation.

I think this book is related to the financial district, I'm not sure how I figured this out though

His dad was in the financial district, making deal and one day he lost everything and killed himself, leaving Yoga and his mother alone. Now what will Yoga make of this? will he fight and find a purpose for his money? or will he be a coward and try to avoid any Deals? I hope he does man up a bit, it would make the story so much more interesting, if the guy end up staying a coward it would kind of ruin the story for me. I mean what is the point of setting such a great story if your main character is too much of a pussy to make anything happen out of it.

Most of this episode was seen from the point of view of a new character, Jennifer Sato. She is an agent of some organization that tries to uncover the truth of the financial district. 2 major things I have to comment about her appearance.

  1. Her english is really bad, but that is not really a problem, since she is japanese and english most likely ain’t her first language, but the problem is that if you had number 2.

  2. The voice actor of her boss sucks so much.

Is it just me or I felt the guy could have been Microsoft Sam since he had no hint of expression or punctuation on any of his words? I would much rather have had a talented japanese voice actor to voice him speaking japanese than the current english untalented voice actor. Now, it is possible that other voice actor suck in the show, but because of my limited knowledge of japanese I can’t hear the difference, but seriously, I hope we don’t hear a word of Jennifer’s boss anymore.

Jennifer sure has a cute little doggy, I would want to pet him, but I figured it would be less dangerous to pet her

But this Jennifer is still a newbie, and she is a girl, something important to note since in episode 2 I thought she was a he. Now I have a feeling some either we will end up with a trio, were Jennifer Yoga and Mikuni will hang out together and enjoy casual sex. OR, there will be some kind of tug o’ war where both Jennifer and Mikuni will try to get Yoga to join their side, resulting in violence. Either way is fine, I’m kind of happy with either sex or violence.

Also Jennifer is such a nympho, she just can’t stop sucking “lollypop”, she always need something in her mouth she just can’t get enough of it it seems.

She sucks them hard too, and most of the time when looking at yoga...does this mean something?

In the next episode we will get to see Yoga’s second Deal, I am looking forward to this.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • We learned a lot about Yoga’s, Jennifer’s and the Midas District past. and I love my History.


This episode was calm, but it was a really well made introduction for a more complex and important story that will, I hope, start next episode. If we forget about Jennifer’s boss, everything in this show just seem perfect.

ZeroG signing off

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