This week we get to witness a first!!! Everyone, since last week Victorique came out of the library, Cecile has forced her to go to class for the first time ever!
Avril finally gets to meet this mysterious Victorique the one who’s so much better than you despite her slight immaturity, decides to start talking to her, to which Victorique has quite the not appropriate response:


Following this, Avril ends up in the infirmary not hurt, at least and a conversation follows before Cecile comes in, announcing there was a murder in the clock tower. The mystery continues blahblahblah I hate giving those kinds of details, and as everyone is walking towards the clock tower Weirdudewithweirdhair comes around, with his hair as weird as ever! Ew. Bugs. In hairdo. It was already scary enough as it was. He takes Kujo apart from the others, then talks about the school’s “dark past” and states that if Victorique wants to get involved in the present case, Kujo has to stop her.
Avril and Kujo then agree that they will go in town in order to try and solve the murder, meanwhile Victorique notices that Avril thinks of Kujo more than just being friends, which makes her really jealous and since she’s always in denial aaaaall the freakin’ time… she tells Kujo that she won’t go in town with them and then goes all sad and becomes all pitiful awwwww hug Don’t be sad, Avril would never win against you! 🙁.
*tears up* Awww, you're going to make ME cry too... 🙁

While the other 2 are gone, Victorique decides to go alone inside the clock tower in order to try and solve the investigation. As she’s in the alchemy room, she hears someone, turns around, and encounters Brian Roscoe for the first time YAAAAAAY FINALLY!!!suspense building up. They start talking to each other menacingly with some intense dramatic music in the background, too, where Victorique gets called “a tool that has been raised without love”, then a carpenter comes in and Victorique asks him to check something out while Roscoe leaves.
In the end, Kujo and Avril come back, and they share their ideas with Victorique She owns them completely and destroys all their theories in one shot. Since Brian Roscoe passes by, Kujo decides that he will go see him, and the episode ends as he finally catches up to him, inside the dark, scary clock tower.
I’m so happy that Brian Roscoe is finally a big part of the story, it’s about freakin’ time! Ever since I’ve seen him for the first time I’ve wanted to know who he is and how he will take part in the story. Now he’s there, and he’s met Victorique, most of all! I wonder what his plan is, I mean he called Victorique a tool and everything… Such a shady character… That’s why he’s so awesome Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem like the good guy I was hoping he would be...
This week was pretty damn intense. I really like the way the mystery is coming along, it’s really unpredictable and I have no idea how Victorique will figure it all out. I’m confused… and it’s great. Unlike the first few mysteries, this one leaves me completely in the dark, and the few clues that we have don’t give away much info.
This one also opened up much more plot for more mysteries, as we learned that the school apparently has “a dark past”. It doesn’t sound like much, but I think and hope that in the next few mysteries the producers will use it in order to add more content and make
So cute...

us even more confused. It gives us another thing to brood on and to wonder, in fact, what that past was.
As for the humorous part, I found it really cool that Victorique finally met Avril. There is definitely some rivalry there, and it’s quite entertaining to watch. I find it really sad though that Victorique was so jealous she just started crying in the middle of the road… It was SOOO sad! 🙁 As for Avril, I find it cool that she’s trying hard, however unfortunately she doesn’t stand a chance.
Also, why, why, why, WHY?!?!?! Why does Grevil have his hair back to the weird hairdo whatever thingy that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE?!?!?!?! It’s scary… and the bugs in it this episode didn’t help either -_-‘.

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    I’m liking the pace of the anime so far, but my only peeve at the moment are the somewhat ‘forced’ arguments between Kujo and Victorique which makes it look like their relationship reverts back to the start (for the time that it happens) just for the sake of causing conflict.
    I know that their relationship can’t be completely peaceful or else it would be boring, but I guess I was just hoping for more subtle ways to continue it while not ignoring the fact that their relationship has grown closer after all the time they spent together.
    And yes, cute face is extremely cute. ^_^

    1. Myst

      I actually hadn’t noticed that, but now that you mention it it’s true. I mean, I kinda liked those arguments still because they were funny, however what bothered me the most in the end was Victorique’s immaturity more than anything. It’s true though that Victorique and Kujo should be a little closer now, I mean that girl is still in denial tons and tons even though she is closer…

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