Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 2: Gotta catch-ahem, find them all!!!

The battle between Shark and Yuma continues only to have Yuma completely confused seeing Astral’s sudden appearance. Astral claims that he has no memory, but believes he is a duelist. He helps Yuma survive the duel despite the boy ignoring his proposed strategies. In the end, Yuma gets a chance to shine and defeats Shark by making his own choice.

Okay, what is this? Is this for real? A memory loss plot all over again? You have got to be kidding me. What’s next? Will they resume the 5Ds idea of riding something while dueling – like making D-Mobile-Suits and have main plot setting take place in space?!? I’ll die laughing screaming “I called it” if I ever live to see the make a YGO series like that.
Anyways,  despite that plot idea feeling totally recycled – I found myself laughing a lot throughout this episode. If it continues to be funny, I might be able to tolerate and come to like the series more. Yuma, although he was the one who made the decision for the last move, without Astral’s help, there’s no way I could have seen him defeating Shark, moreover would have been able to obtain a Numbers Duel Monster, Aspiring King Hope. In fact, considering Astral’s situation, I got a feeling this is going to be another ‘ass-pull- victory streak that’s about to begin. Since Yuma is a noob, I want to see him lose several duels. I’d get pissed off if they decided to go, “OH HEY, LETS MAKE HIM A PRODIGY AND HAVE HIM WIN EVERY DUEL WITH EPIC ASS-PULLS!“, and I swear to god I’d drop this series in an instant if that were to happen. Ahem, another thing I loved was their interactions. Astral can’t seem to say his name right (seriously dude what’s so hard? Hm… he might be doing it on purpose) and Yuma is probably going to be labeled as, ‘The Crazy Kid’ in town for argueing with Astral while no one else can see him. Oh and by the way, I’m going to go along with the idea of identifying Astral as a male – I highly doubt he’s a female, and if he is – well that’ll be one hell of a shocker.
Shark, we saw a soft side for a split second during the duel where he was momentarily conscious of his actions, and then at the end of the duel when he handed back the deck he had an interesting expression on his face. Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if this series were to last like three years, he’ll be joining Yuma’s group of friends much like Kaiba with Yugi and Atem.
I have noticed the ‘exceed summoning’ animation has lasted far longer than what we’re used to. It feels like – now don’t kill me now, a watching a pokemon battle, or be it, any battle. It just turned out to be really long. Perhaps it’s because the ‘virtual’ world is influenced by the damage in the fight which gives it a feel to it and both opponents are facing real impact (in some way). Oh and speaking of monsters, HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, LET ME TELL YOU – ‘Gogogo Golem’ cracks me up every time, it’s name is so… HOW COULD YOU NOT LAUGH!? *SHOT*


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