Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 1: Poor poor Kazuma… [First Impression]

Two brother, Hoshino Kazuma and Ayumu move to the country side for Ayumu’s health. Since their arrival, Kazuma seems to keep on running into unfortunate situations from taking the wrong bus leaving him and his brother in the middle of no where for an hour, falling from a tree after chasing a monkey, getting lost, encounters a girl who helps him find his way back – ends up accidently kissing the girl and to top things off from that mini adventure, he was kicked in the face by the girl’s friend. Finally arriving at the Inn, just when he thought he could finally relax, he ends up walking into the bathroom, nude while one of the female employee who ends up seeing it, as result – he freaks out, and runs into the manager of the inn, his current guardian and gets ‘seen’ by her as well, and to top things off – mocked. The next day he and his brother is escorted to school by the girl who seen him nude named,Tsumugi who happens to be his senior at his school. When he had finally arrived to his class, he discovers that the two girls who he had met yesterday are in his class as well.

Eva’s First Impression:
*SQUEA* Okay I love this show already! Clearly this is going to be a harmen – but so far I’m loving the characters we’ve seen so far. I already love the animation and character designs, in fact I’ve always been fond of this particular style. The OP was pretty and the song was awesome – the ED however was really dull.
Here we got Kazuma, a considerate brother who had quite a troublesome day from getting on the wrong bus with his brother, to chasing a monkey into the wilderness, fell from a tree and getting himself lost as result. Then he runs into a girl who he thought was a bear, she shows him the way back, and while she was demonstrating how to cross the river he saw her panties, and to top things up because he got distracted while crossing the river, he ends up not landing properly and stumbles down on top of the girl and accidently locks lips with her. It didn’t help that the girl’s friend appeared the moment Kazuma was still on top of her and gave him a nice wicked kick in the face. And to add some extra bonus rounds, when he and his brother finally arrived to the inn they were to stay at, when he goes and takes a bath – he is seen by a girl who was cleaning and again once more to top thing off he gets seen by the Inn’s manager, their new guardian as well – not to mention she mocked it too.
Poor, poor Kazuma now feels like he has lost his virginity and will never be able to get married (LOL). When his brother Ayumu pops in he quickly masks himself as the ‘cool bro’. XD This is one of the reasons why I find myself already liking his character, it’s the way he’s handling his humiliation and accidents.
Ui’s character is just adorable. In some cases of harmen, when the boy accidently kisses the girl sometimes that is what kicks off the ‘love/hate’ relationship. However for Ui, that certainly isn’t the case and she doesn’t seem bothered by it much – her friend however, clearly because she’s more down to earth by the look of it (Ui’s character somehow gives me the impression her head is up in the clouds).
Hoshino’s brother, Ayumu, he sounds like a girl. Not that I’m bothered by it, I like to think of it as premature and ideally reminds us his age. He as we know, is suffering some sort of health condition that makes him weak. We haven’t been told what, but I’m going to guess it’s his heart, in fact while I’m on the subject, I wonder if we’ll ever learn what is the cause for his poor health, period.
The manager, Senka is just hilarious. I loved how she scared the shit out of the two brothers and how she mocked and teased Hoshino.
OvO; Ahhh…. I think I babbled too much…
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