Toriko Episode 1 [First Impression]: A Crossover with One Piece? I'm In.

Alright, let’s get this started. In order to promote the show Toriko that just came out this season, Toei Animation had the amazing idea of making a crossover with One Piece, since both shows are pretty similar and they wanted all the One Piece fans to start liking Toriko as well I totally fell into their trap but I really don’t care 😀. Please note, this also counts as Episode 492 of One Piece, as well as episode 1 from Toriko You see, both shows air one after the other so they just took that airing time and made it into an hour long special… These guys know how to organize their shi’.

Alright, so this show starts off with Luffy and his crew who are about to die of starvation, until they finally find an island and part of the gang decides to go hunt for food while the rest guard the boat. As they get on the island, it turns out the whole island is edible! *drools* Of course, Luffy being himself, starts eating right away, and meanwhile Chopper is exploring and he encounters Toriko, the man who wants to eat him *AHEM* I mean the nice, kind man who doesn’t want him to get lost. Not too long after, Luffy and Toriko become good friends really easily since they both really like food, and after they are attacked by delicious pigs that happen to be roasting alive… wtf… they destroy them and eat them all meanwhile, Luffy forgets all about his starving crew… *sad face*.

What he said, in caps and bolded letters.

After a great meal, we get to learn more about Toriko and his friend Komatsu, who seems to be a good chef who can rival Sanji’s skills daaayum. We learn a bit more about Toriko’s motives, he’s out searching for the Hungri-La bird, obviously the most menacing thing on the island if it wasn’t then this would be no fun, in order to complete his “full course meal” of his life K. Cool. Whatever floats your boat. It takes about 5 minutes of searching and in the end the little group finds the “legendary and impossible to find” Hungri-La bird, and it takes a bit more time for Luffy and Toriko to finally bring it down. We also get to see Toriko’s special power and how he attacks, and quite frankly I find it absolutely retarded but anyways, let’s move on and see what this show will bring us next.
Everyone is once again feasting on incredible amounts of meat, and after a small conversation and a scene where we are shown that the boat crew is still starving, Nami and Komatsu suddenly get captured by what they call Cocoalas, evil-looking things that grow really sweet cocoa on their backs. After they go off on their adventure, they encounter a bunch of joyful lions who screech in your face, making you go half deaf annoying monsters… and they’re saved by Toriko’s companions, who seem quite original and awesome Sunny is hilarious.
After some more running at least they went faster than when Luffy was running for Ace, they finally get to the top and start fighting these ferocious Cocoalas. Toriko and Luffy are obviously stuck with the biggest beast in town, and after getting owned for a while Luffy decides to combine his powers with Toriko and they both own his face completely. After they find out that the whole island is basically a gigantic pudding, it takes a grand total of 30 seconds for us to then see that the island was completely eaten by mostly Luffy and Toriko. Once they’ve eaten everything, Luffy goes back to his ship, Toriko decides to go look for more ingredients around the world, and the episode ends.
Hmm, this looks interesting! I don’t know exactly what to think of Toriko, but from what I’ve seen it’s a pretty promising show and it literally looks like it’s another One Piece with different characters and more food. To be honest, as awesome as it is, I kinda hope that it’ll be a little different in the end, because I really love One Piece but I wouldn’t want an exact replica of it. There’s a lot of potential, though, and I really think that Toei Animation can do a good job on this.
Toriko’s way of fighting is really weird, that fork and knife thing kinda threw me off, however Kotatsu and the secondary characters seem nice, and moreover it looks like it’ll be a very funny show. The fact that they added One Piece characters into this special just makes it even more awesome!

P.S.: I have nothing else to say about this special. This impression is freakishly short O___O.

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