The rematch between Kiryu and Yusei continues where the two battle out countering each other’s attacks with several trap cards one after another. Yusei finally explains what he was trying to do in the past and how it led to the misunderstanding. Finally, his and his companions’ feelings muster together where as the Signer’s mark disappear and appear onto Yusei, who receives a card: Savior Dragon, a newfound hope to save his friend.

; _ ; Oh my god I can’t stop crying, I really can’t!!! T^T That was so beautiful, yet so sad! Kiryu, the poor guy!!! Yes he had went batshit crazy in the past, but he was loved by his friends and poor Yusei has to part with another person he cared dearly about. *GRABS TISSUES* I am happy Yusei was actually spilling tears, it’s realistic, and understanding. He needs to grieve for his friend. Talk about a tragic arc you know? All the cool characters are dying, it’s so sad! Yusei already been through a lot in life, yet it’s almost like a never ending story of despair. I really hopes that at some point in the series things will start looking up for him, even if it’s just for a little bit. The poor guy needs a break from all this, and if something else, lots of hugs.
The battle was exciting, I love it when they activates traps like rapid fire, it makes it far more thrilling. It was even more pleasant to see that not once Kiryu was possessed by the Darkness (you know, the forceful way like they did to Bomber). Then we got the Savior Star Dragon. What can I say, first Savior Dragon is absolutely adorable, then tuning Stardust with it and the results as GORGEOUS and of course, majestic! It gave an angelic feeling too it, but it’s too bad that it looked so mechanical and robotic. Stardust was never a ‘mecha’ Dragon, but just a pure gorgeous dragon, and that Savior Dragon, well it looked like a chibi to me so I don’t quite get how it turned out the way it did. I think it would have been nice to see, considering it’s well savior to upgrade it’s angelic look? *SHOT* Well whatever it still looks awesome, I’m just throwing ideas what it could have been.

Before I finish this, there’s one thing I want to mention: What happened to Kiryu being covered in blood? Did they decide at the last minute they didn’t want him to smash that officer like a psychopath? Honestly that’s the only way I assumed he would have been covered in blood like it has been displayed here back in episode 54.

OH AND I JUST NOTICED THIS NOW: Yusei somehow got Kiryu onto his D-Wheel  and that’s where he died in his arms. God the sparkles are so distracting! LOL!

 Preview: Oh man, he’s going against that spider-man. This can’t be good.


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