Wake up this morning, it’s cold, crappy oh did I mention raining? That too. It POURED last night. But despite the crappy weather, that isn’t going to stop us from enjoying our time at the convention EVENTHOUGHWEHAVETOTRAVELTOTHREEDIFFERENTBUILDINGS
Okay it’s about time I reveal my secret project that nobody knew about until this week because I only started this week and managed to get it done in a day. Unfortunately the full costume I had originally planned to do wasn’t going to work out because I didn’t have enough time (that was the tail and circle on the back). Then for the pink circle that was supposed to be on my back, but I forgot cough didn’t bother cough to bring the material with me and the tail, well that was going to take a while, I might just buy one at the convention. Since it’s not COMPLETELY finish, I’ll reveal it in tomorrow’s entry. /end trolling
Anyways, I didn’t stay long at the convention. I arrived around 4:30pm, got my Pre-Reg pass, went around in a circle to find out where the hell the Dealer Room line up was, you don’t want to know how freaking long THAT was. Fortunately I ran into some folks from the Anime Club I was in back in CEGEP and since we were across each other I jumped in with them after they told me to. So the minute I got in, I was going all over the place comparing prices of the nendroids and figures before I slapped a deal. Figures and Nendroids, well mainly the figures prices went up to like 135$. Dude, that’s like my budget, if it were cheaper I would have gotten that GLORIOUS Gundam model or that STUNNING Black Rocket Shooter one.

So I managed to get a figma of Yomi Takanashi from Black Rocket Shooter for 35$, the cheapest I found after comparing that particular model price around the room, since much to my dismay they weren’t cheap and I only got so much money (really brutal budget -_-). I also bought Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 1 Special Edition that was really hard to find a good deal, only guess what? The fucking discs were scratched. SCRATCHED. LOOK AT THIS.
I PAID 37$ FOR THIS, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET? WHAT A RIP OFF!!! D:< I was/am so pissed off. Fortunately my uncle helped me “restore” it so it’s not all corrupted, but fuck I’m NOT buying ANY DVDs from that dealer again. *RAGE* On the positive note, the manga that came with it was in top condition *roll eyes*. oh FYI, this was sealed.
Aside from that, the weather was unbearable. It was cold, raining, mist-rain whatever – it was just unpleasant. And to top things off, about 2 hours after I arrived I started feeling sick. *HEADESK* So I decided to go back “home”.
Since the weather was bad, honestly there wasn’t THAT many GIANTS cosplays that I seen the last time I attended this convention, I’m assuming it’s because of the poor weather. There were a few I wanted to get a snap shot of, but I was in line and couldn’t leave my spot maybe better luck tomorrow.  Unfortunately tomorrow’s forecast as well as Sunday’s says more rain is to come, (also chances of thundershowers on Sunday, what a bummer).
Here’s today’s snapshots, like I said I really didn’t take many pictures since I didn’t stick around for long. I’m assuming Moe, if she makes her own entry will have more to cover. I wasn’t able to meet up with her whatsoever, so I was pretty much out of luck today. : I was originally hoping to get some stuff on the Skit Contests, but as usual, I miss that every year and wasn’t able to go to the Nominoichi since I was already broke after buying Gundam 00 and the figure and went home early. 🙁


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    Holy crap, that CD looks horrendous! D:

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      Indeed so, behold the horror.

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