[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 7: The Turning Point


We take the point of view of two different character, we begin with a narration by Mikuni telling us his past and we follow with Msyu observations and comments on her Entrer.


So much information was given in this episode, not only about the background of Mikuni, but also about Msyu’s point of view of her Entrer.

I really wonder if Mikuni’s dad was in the midas district. After all he was a big shot in the city, he had an immense amount of power. Also you can consider the fact that suddenly his daughter fell ill (or at least worse than before) at the same time his company half-collapsed, this is quite similar to the consequences of a lost deal to me. This would also give the father a really good reason why he would put the company success over his own family, since he knows that if its power fade, even worse things will happen to his family. But of course he could have simply been a cold-hearted business man, I am unsure if we will even have an answer about this question eventually.

I'm uncertain of the name given to this kind of sexual deviation

The most important thing I learned from this episode, is that the Asset of the Membre are a part of their lost future. What I believe it is in more concrete term, is that the Assets are created when the future of someone is taken away from them. Isn’t there a striking resemblance between Q and Mikuni’s dying sister? How come Mikuni was accepted in the district only after he lost his sister? And now for Yoga’s cases, we know that his father went bankrupt in the district and then committed suicide. What if the effect of his loss was that his daughter never existed? That daughter could have then been what became Yoga’s Asset, Msyu. This could explain why some assets are stronger than other. It would also explain the selection process about who will be the next one to be invited in the district. Yoga would have no way to know he once had a sister, since she disappeared from everyone’s mind. I am confident that even if I am wrong, we will soon discover what Yoga’s father loss when he went bankrupt, it seems like the next important thing to discover, right after my next point.

They do look alike don't they?

The Midas District seems to be collapsing. I have actually no idea what it is exactly, but we have obvious sign of something wrong going on in the Financial District. I am really curious about what it is all about, especially after this episode’s ending.

Two tower disappeared in Tokyo,  the whole city looks different, we just had Mikuni’s background. If you ask me, this foreshadow that Mikuni was defeated in a Deal. This would be the logical for the story to follow. Mikuni being the mentor and protector of the world, he is now defeated and it is up to his protegé to defeat his victor in order to continue protecting the world around him. At the same time Mikuni tells the secret and his worries about the District, Yoga will then learn the enormous task and responsibility put upon its shoulders. I believe this is how the show will end, Yoga regaining control of the district and putting an end to it.

This might be the face we will see Mikuni wears for the next couple episode

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Mikuni’s past was really interesting

  • Having the point of view of Msyu instead of Yoga’s point of view was refreshing

  • So much happened this episode even if we didn’t saw anything concrete


I believe this episode is the big turning point in the story, starting next week I foresee the show to be more action packed and eventful than ever. Many people might dislike the show psychological and financial aspect, but it is what defined the show and it is its greatest success. In my heart this show is golden.

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