Jintan and the others finally open Menma’s diary that they have received from Menma’s mother. Much to their dismay her entries were not helpful whatsoever until it reminded them about certain activities they did back in their childhood. They then come across an old plan about how they were going to make their own fireworks so that they can shoot up a letter to god to help Jintan’s mother get healthy again. So they decide to try and get fireworks but only learn they are underage and need a license, so with Jintan’s dad’s help, he tells them there’s someone he knows who can make fireworks. However they soon realize it costs 200 000 yen. Despite that, they all find some jobs and work to raise money in order to be able to purchase it. Only in the end, they are told that the organizer wouldn’t allow the man to make them fireworks and that it’s Honma’s family who’s in charge.

Hey folks, I got some time before I head outt o the anime convention and I was able to get internet acccess, so I’m able to cover some series, but considering I’m going to be gone all day Saturday and Sunday, Hidan no Aria won’t be out till Monday (but I’ll get working on it right now and try getting it out anyways).
So, much to my surprise. I actually found this episode kind of boring, but at the same time we got even more information about what’s going one so I was still able to enjoy this. More importantly  Menma had some flashbacks of some things she has forgotten. By the look of it, Menma may have had an important conversation with Jintan’s mother and that may be one of the reasons she wanted to gather the group of friends in secret, without inviting Jintan. So because of it that, I’m starting to think that maybe rather than it be her wish, it’s actually something that she was asked by Jintan’s mother to do with their friends so to pretty much it’s not about granting her wish, but delivering a wish. (Does that make sense at all? I think I explained it badly…)
It was good to see everyone working hard, aiming for the fireworks only in the end not be able to get them because Menma’s mother is interfering. Moreover it’s rather interesting how her mother talks to her memorial telling her it’s time to stop playing around. I’m assuming that she figures that the friends working so hard to do the things they weren’t able to succeed doing are all related to Menma’s suggestions reasons are behind that.
Anyways, Jintan was cool. He’s finally using his time productively and continues to be awesome. I will always congrats him for standing up for Anaru so boldly.
Damn I’m hungry, I need to eat something, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet…


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0 thoughts on “Ano Hana Ep 7: YOSH, LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS~

  1. I found the ending a little strange o.o
    why is Menma’s mother interfering? When she said “What a joke” I was like wtf?!?!

    1. Yeah I agree, I think she has the impression that Menma wants to play or something – and isn’t being serious about anything. O_o;

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