Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 7: The Most Failed Evil Character of All Time

Anyways. Now, let’s really go back to serious matters. Oh wait, that was a serious matter? Oops. Sorry, I was kinda thrown off by the ridiculousness of it.
Karura or Garuda, still in Hayato’s and also technically in Chitose’s and Takashi’s body who managed to make him look ridiculous despite leaving for the abyss for a little while, is now talking to Kakeru who’s also Naru’s brother… You know, this is starting to become incredibly confusing and joins his ranks.
With this, the 2 of them are now off to conqu- oh wait, Karura must change his looks first because all that Kakeru sees is Falcon. And so, As Naru’s brother, he asks his underlings for clothes, receives an amazing nurse and even more amazing bunny girl outfit, kicks their asses I wonder why he didn’t like the outfits… and in the end Karura ends up yelling at a Christmas snowman, complaining that it’s he’s  ignoring him. The episode then goes on as Karura wishes to ejaculate, then everyone has a humongous cake fight in the streets, then the evil boss if I can call him “evil” has a loli-incest moment as he falls in love with his own sister. What’s important from the rest of the episode is that Kobato has a talk about her “real” brother, the one that isn’t any of the other ones that “appeared later”, and after all this Karura decides that for “Princess Dove” he has to leave and he returns to the abyss.
Okay….. I can’t say I haven’t seen anything weirder than this, because awkwardly, I have… Then again… WTF?!?!?!?!
This episode was absolutely HILARIOUS and it was the last thing I expected when I started this episode. I actually thought that Garuda was menacing, however this was just priceless. The humour was completely unexpected and really funny. I mean, think about it. They start throwing Christmas cakes because Garuda wants to ejaculate and then yell DICKS in the middle of the street for the hell of it. That, in any way you look at it, is incredibly hilarious, and despite my usual dislike for perverted stuff, this was very well done, completely ridiculous and most of all very funny.
Surprisingly enough, I actually also liked the fanservice in the beginning. It was absolutely hilarious. Anyways, all this to say that this episode was really funny, it made my day and I really liked it despite the complete lack of plot. Now, let’s get back to serious business next week so I can fangirl over Naru’s cuteness even more :D.

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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    this episode was funny. I want to ejaculate. LOL
    the part that I’m really interested in was the ending where the sister talked about wanting to have her brother back.

    • Myst says:

      I was really interested by this also! Hopefully I won’t be deceived though, to be honest after they introduced the country of Gretagard completely and its cheeziness I’m a little skeptical as to how the plot can turn out…

  2. DarkSlayer says:

    When I read the tittle of the review, I thought in Bad Bird from the samurai cats…

    • Myst says:

      I couldn’t compare, considering I haven’t watched it… XD maybe you’re right though, although Garuda is quite hard to beat

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