Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 63: To be Alone or Together?

After Godwin have successfully taken everyone’s mark of the Crimsom Dragon, he continues to yap about how he is god and all that annoying shit. The trio struggles to deliver damage only to end up helping him summon the most powerful Earthbound God, Wiraqocha Rasca. The King of the Underworld is THRILLED to see its debut and sends off his minions so join the party. The trio gets attacked by the minions and is quickly backed up with Aki and Rua who decide to step in and cover their backs.
When Godwin decides to use Wiraqocha Rasca’s effect that once per turn by skipping the battle phrase, it can reduce its opponent’s LP to 1 on Yusei however Crow quickly intervenes redirecting it to him so that Yusei can remain the game.

Before I get started:
OMG AJHSFGKAJSHFK JACCCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ That was beautifully said! There was no way Godwin was going to be manipulate him again this time round because somebody in love~ and that’s all he needs~! It made me squeal so much how much of an impact Carly made on Jack. It’s even better because Carly is an awesome character! Anyways, Jack as usual likes to go on and on about how he doesn’t believe in bonds and destiny plus all that shit both sides are sprouting. In other words he does what he believes in thanks to the one woman who made such an impact on his life and who he is. /End Fangirl Squeals
Okay so the battle actually made some progress and Crow is already down.  But omg, Crow your speech going on about how ‘without Yusei…‘! Dude, do you realize that you’re pretty much saying that nobody would stick together and be friends if Yusei weren’t around? Geez, that’s pretty pathetic man. So in order to maintain friendship with the others, so you basically need Yusei to supervise and be the peacekeeper and all that shit? *Shakes Head* [EVA DOES NOT APPROVE]
Yusei hasn’t bee quite successful this round. He hasn’t been able to land an attack on Godwin once thanks to being blocked by the trap cards. Other than that, he’s been pretty successful in babbling non-stop about how they do have bonds and they don’t need the birthmarks.
Godwin’s Moon Dragon Quilla and Sun Dragon Inti are real bitches. Their effects and the fact they go back and forth it super annoying. One of the things I’m surprised to see is that nobody had tried putting either duel monsters in the opposite status they are in. For one Sun Dragon Inti changed to defense, and Moon Dragon Quilla changed to attack. The main problem is that everyone is trying to get rid of it, however instead they are connected and when one goes down, the other is summoned, likewise the other way around. While direct attacks are succeeding half of the time, clearly smashing through them is not the right strategy. It won’t be long before Jack or Yusei is targeted by Wiraqocha Rasca (which I mist say is the most badass one of all! 8D) , of course I figure that Jack would do something to prevent Yusei from being the target or Yusei would try to but Jack would refuse it.
The last thing I’ll mention for this episode is that, while Aki and Rua did not get a huge role in the battle, at least they are doing something productive.
The next episode will be the conclusion of the Dark Signer’s Arc (Season 2)!!! That’s fitting, since the means I’ll be starting Season 3 on Tuesday! 😀


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