A tablet has fallen from space and lands just outside of the city. Yeager who at the time, anxiously waiting for the new director to come is told about the incident and quickly heads out to investigate. From there he sees three mysterious people who claim they are Neo Domino’s new leaders and revealed by Yeager that they are part of ‘Yliaster‘. A few days later, Mikage and Ushio are out to do an investigation when they came across the fifth case of a gruesome crash resulted from a riding duel caused by the infamous culprit known as Ghost. The next day, they head over to the place where Yusei, Crow and Jack are living in the city where they had just recently blew up another engine they are trying to improve creating a ruckus again and gets scolded by their landlady Zora- who has a soft, corny side for Yusei. Mikage and Ushio share the problem, but Crow quickly realizes that they are about to ask them to help them out in their investigation. While Yusei had said he wouldn’t mind, Crow demands they lay off so they can focus on their engine so that they can complete it on time for the WRGP (World Riding Duel Grand Prix) that will take place in a year time and kicks the two out.
Later that night, Ushio decides to step it up and head out the investigation and act as a bait to lure out Ghost and arrest him. However he finds himself in a deadly crash the moment his Synchro Summoned monster was absorbed by a mysterious monster which the Ghost had special summoned. Crow sees him being carried into an ambulance on the way back from work and quickly tell the others. After Yusei and Jack had also arrived at the hospital they hurry up to Ushio who is about to go into an operation to ask what happened. Ushio warns Yusei to not use Sychros against Ghost. Enraged, the three decide to capture Ghost and head out to find him. After spending all night looking for the rider, Ghost finally shows up at dawn before Yusei. Much to Yusei’s dismay, Ghost had quickly set him into a trap that when Wise Core is destroyed, it special summons the requirements to put together a terrifying monster known as Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity.

First thing I need to mention: Yliaster. These guys are the ones that worked higher up that has a mystery for the past two seasons, and now we’re finally seeing three of their big guys who don’t look human at all whatsoever. At the same time, two of the three sound really messed up.
So we finally got to see Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, that wasn’t shown in the OP (it was ‘blacked’ out along with the other two monsters) which is the reason why Ushio warned Yusei to avoid Sychros since his Synchro monster was absorbed. We have yet to learn what kind of consequences awaits after a Synchro Monster having been absorbed. Infinite Wisel has already prooven to be a bitchy monster since it’s just tool used to special summon all five parts, which once they are all out, you can put them together.
Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity has rather a robotic alien-like appearance. Yliaster is clearly the ones behind it, especially that mysterious man who looks to be very full of himself considering he doesn’t give the shit about his partners.
I feel bad for Yusei. How awkward is it to have an elderly as your landlady who keeps on like ‘hitting’ on him. Yusei-chan (Just hearing it being said to me makes me grimace). He was like, “…”. Notice how he ‘hid’ behind Crow’s hair – okay that part I’m just joking about, but it looked like it.
The new Opening, it’s pretty sick. I’m not a huge fan of the song, but the Ending, while it’s very simple, it’s absolutely gorgeous – both the sequences and the song. However I hate to say, the animation is not top notch like we have seen in the first two OPs and EDs. It looks as if it has been rushed to be done. : (OP & ED are at the bottom)
Speaking of the opening, it looks like Aki is back in school, and so are the twins (did they ever both attending school in the first place? I don’t remember if they have ever confirmed that…). We did see any of the three this episode, but they’ll be back by the next episode.
Finally a few things you should know:
– Speed World has been upgraded to SPEED WORLD 2
– Highways are Riding Duel Friendly and has some dramatic technology to help do the job. (LOL)
Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity requires five parts that can be special summoned. The individual parts are called: Wisel Top, Wisel Attack, Wisel Guard, Wisel Carrier, Wisel Infinity
– WRGP stands for: World Riding Duel Grand Prix, (I will always be using this abbreviation in the future)
– Yusei, Jack, Crow are now regular citizens living in the city at Zora’s place


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