Just as Yusei and Bruno get into the elevator after finished having a short meeting with Mikage and Ushio regarding Bruno’s identify and memories at the Security Bureau, Ushio recieves a bomb threat where he isn’t sure whether its a prank or not until a bomb is actual set off. Trapped in the elevator as everyone evacuates, Yusei and Bruno tweak their way out only to find Sherry and Mizoguchi in security uniforms running through. When Bruno tells them they have to evacuate because of a bomb, Sherry reveals that the one that had exploded was only for the show and that there aren’t actually any bombs and that she’s responsible for this chaos. When Yusei and Bruno try to chase after her, Mizoguchi stops Yusei however unable to stop Bruno who managed to still slip past and go after Sherry in Yusei’s stead. Mizoguchi  challenges Yusei to a duel where as if he defeats him, he will let him pass.

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. HOLY (@#%@#% SHIT!!! WHOA, WHAT AN EPISODE, LIKE – OH MY GOD…TALK ABOUT TENSIONS AND DEVELOPMENT!!!!! After a long dull Pre-WRGP arc, what a way to kick it back on track! That Z-ONE card is one hell of a mysterious thing considering it was considered ‘normal’ on the security anazylizer but sure enough, was releasing onimious energy that interfered with the weather conditions outside and destroyed the machine they were using. The biggest question of all: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ROOM!? WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! Colbat blue eyes studying at the three of them, moreover ANAZLYING Yusei out of all people. Bruno too also had some effect from this as something scanned over him as well. Just who is Bruno? Is he even human?! After seeing his eyes glow like that, that’s definitely not normal. Moreover the bigger question is, how the hell did ‘it’ teleport the group far away from the security building?
As Yusei pointed out at the end of the episode – while he isn’t too sure about it yet, I think it’s clear Yliaster is playing a huge role in this. We also learned within this episode that Yeager has vanished from the Security and no one had heard of him in a while. So I wonder what happened to him as well.
Overall, VERY GOOD EPISODE. I got these chills running down my spine, and man – it blew my mind after several boring episodes from the Pre-WRGP Arc (excluding Crashtown). I cracked up so much when I saw Sherry’s dueldisk reveal a TAZOR, I was like, “OH MY GOD, HOW MUCH MORE DANGEROUS CAN THESE THINGS GET?!” Sherry by the way, was so badass this episode. I love it when the ladies act evil, it amuses me so much.


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