Bleach 338: Déjà Vue


Kon finally find Nezumi and tries to save her from Kageroza’s evil plans.



Is it me or nothing happened this episode? Kon tried to save Nezumi but failed, that is about it. Now Ichigo is still in Hollow form, every captains are still fighting their Reigai for the millionth time and Nezumi is still a whiny bitch.


I think I saw that scene before...oh ya! For the past 3 month in every single episode!

If anything it was fun to see Kisuke two times instead of one, he is such a fun guy to watch when he fights that it can only be silly when he is fighting himself. But even his awesome double presence was not enough to make this episode decent. Ichigo is now completely transformed into a hollow, but in 20 minutes the only thing he accomplished was to destroy a group of losers and sit around screaming. Why do hollow uses 3/4 of their times screaming and only 1/4 actually doing shit? Maybe if they were a little more productive they could manage to kill a couple of soul reaper from time to time.


Awesomeness x2

Kon was a complete waste of my time yet again and we had to support his stupid face for half the episode while the other half we had to see Nezumi crying about how she was the self-control incarnation. I have no respect what so ever for the main villain anymore. When the self-control portion of yourself is crying without any control for 10 episodes, you just suck as a person. The guy was such a whiny bitch that when he divided himself in two half of him turned into an emo girl.


Screaming, Screaming for


Now at the very least the final villain is assembled and ready to kick some ass, so we will finally have something happening. Hell, even if nothing happens at the very least it means that the arc is ending very very soon. So that something. I’m confident that in the end the good side of Nezumi will redeem the main villain and make him realize that he should be more friendly with his friends. I would absolutely hate that ending, but I’m sure something that bad will happen. After all it ain’t like we were able to witness any kind of quality during the past few month in bleach, so I don’t expect that to change until the fall season starts.


But who knows, maybe somewhere in the world someone likes to see the captain fight themselves over and over again for no purpose what so ever.




BOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG, It pains me to watch those episode, but what do I expect from Bleach anyway?


ZeroG signing off

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