Hanasaku Iroha Ep 25: The Kissuiso I Love

Ohana continues to feel conflicted about the changes happening in Kissuiso. However her feelings get in the way of creating misunderstandings among her companions that she is siding with Sui. Nako who quietly been following the flow as well as dislikes the changes asks Ohana whether she knows the reason behind Sui’s wish. When things only grow more complicated when Tomoe ends up getting injured with a sprain, only creating the stress level to become more intense among the group, Nako snaps and demands them to bring back the Kissuiso she loves.

This episode was emotionally touching for me. I really felt the character’s emotions and Ohana’s conflicted feelings about how they are runnning Kissuiso As I watched Enishi make some changes such as adding the ‘local art’ by the stairway, it bothered me and made me frown. It wasn’t just because it was blocking the beautiful windows and looked retarded, but it didn’t feel like Kissuiso. 🙁
I was pleased to see the whole family get back together to run the business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having Satsuki there helping out along with Sui who decided to take on the role as a waitress in place of  Tomoe who had sprained her ankle, there was a warm feeling I never felt before while watching this.

Sui has also been a pleasant surprise since her development from the previous episode. She has been giving Ohana alot of attention and affection to the point she is starting to act like a grandmother to her instead of her boss. It makes me very happy.
It was awesome to see Takako slap Enshi like his mother would. I swear I’m coming to like her more and more! She is appealing to me much better than before and, just wow. Talk about a change of heart! 😀
Now Nako, she has continued to impress me as she shares her wisdom and uses her voice as she sides up Ohana telling everyone to stop fighting and bring back theKissuiso she loves. If it weren’t for her character development to make her have the courage to speak up at this point of time, I would imagine Kissuiso and Ohana would be in a bigger mess.
As I was watching the ending, I was like, “Wait, this isn’t the end is it? I’m pretty sure this isn’t the finale, I mean, Ko yet to arrive!” and oh my god it scared me!  It was so simple, but it was just, I don’t know how to describe it, it was touching, definitely touching.
Overall this episode made me all warm and fuzzy inside. The drama among their companions was not exaggerated and was just perfect. Sui’s and Nako’s development, Satsuki showing up to help out, Takako getting me to like her more and more, and of course Beanman being the supportive man he always been- yes this episode was incredibly enjoyable to watch.

Hanasaku Iroha, with one episode left- this breathtaking anime is just continues to exceed my expectations.  It’s not that I don’t want it to end, I want it to keep up with blowing me away till the very end. I’m looking forward to next week, I most certainly hope that Ko with appear then.


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0 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Ep 25: The Kissuiso I Love

  1. I wasn’t expecting Satsuki to be helping out as a waitress, I thought that she was gonna kick Enishi’s ass and take over Kissuiso for a while since Enishi was a failure.
    I don’t want this anime to end T.T

    1. ROFLMAO, Yeah that would’ve been pretty badass, but it’s thanks to her that they are getting so many calls. So her job comes in handy. 🙂
      I don’t mind this anime ending because I know if it drags on too long it’ll get boring and they fulfilled everyone’s part so well, all I hope is for it to end the best it can. 🙂

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