Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 10: Taito to the Rescue



Haruka is kidnapped by the two men trying to break through the barrier last episode, and Kurosu forbids the Student Council to try and rescue her. Himea goes to free Haruka in exchange for herself, but they double cross her and hold her hostage as well. Haruka’s alternate personality then appears with a request for the men.


Wow, shit really went down this week, and all of it was centred around Haruka. Interestingly enough, the “different” Haruka is revealed to have been an alternate personality instead of a possession, which would make much more sense as the normal Haruka isn’t aware of her other persona. It seems that she wants to be destroyed by the Spell Breakers, having been put there in the first place by the Seraphim to spy on Taito. I like this version of Haruka much more than the normal one, she’s a lot less clingy or annoying and it’s a pity she’s unlikely to stick around for long.

I’ve also noticed how Himea around others seems to be so much more calm and composed. While talking to one of the Entolio brothers that appeared to make the deal with her, she appears as a completely different person compared to when she’s around Taito, which is quite similar to that of a lovesick girl’s. For Taito she easily loses her rationality and sense of reasoning too, as she never thought that the whole deal might have been a trap, and for that she gets double-crossed.

Kurosu ended up fighting Mirai and Gekkou, who stepped off his high horse to do something noble instead of his usual arrogant self. Its very likely Kurosu knew about Haruka’s other persona, yet didn’t mention it and let everything play out while watching from the sidelines. The other military girl really is useless though, she managed to crash the car and get her passenger kidnapped, not displaying any magic or abilities at all.

I enjoyed this episode a lot, it had just the right amount of action and plot development, and I really noticed some of the OSTs this time too. My only worry is that there are two episodes left – Taito is now running to save Haruka with no control on his powers, we don’t know what Edelka took or what part the Seraphim will play in this. Kurosu’s intentions aren’t revealed, and Hinata hasn’t made a reappearance at all. It’d be a crappy ending if these Spell Breakers end up as the final boss, how on earth are they gonna finish the show well without rushing it?

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  1. you enjoy this week episode? for me, i hate it…all focus at haruka and make me feel pity for Saitohimea…She sacrifice herself for what good? I wonder if haruka is safe while saitohimea is imprisoned, what taito feels? this week taito, i hate him..saying that infront saitohimea with care with herfeeling.. in the end, i feel if only one either saitohimea and haruko been saved, taito will depressed for whole his life…

    1. Himea’s only sacrificing herself for her love for Taito, as she wants Taito to be happy – remember, she was beyond jealous at how Taito only cared about Haruka on the beach. Its pretty obvious that Haruka’s feelings are unrequited, but Himea doesn’t know this. The reason I enjoyed this week was because of this whole love drama, as well as the plot and fighting going on all at the same time ^^

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