Kamisama Dolls episode 13 [Final]: The Real Story Begins

How will the fight between the two rampaged Kakashi finish? Will Hibino and Kyohei make it?

That was quite the cliffhanger/disappointing ending.


I was looking forward to see Kyohei regain control of Kukuri and become evil once again, but now they are telling me that this is all for the next season and that I will have to wait before I can see all the awesomeness? That’s sad. Last episode ended on such a huge action and plot twist, but in the end the action died quickly at the beginning of this episode and the rest of this episode was but a semi-conclusion to this season.

Kukuri went on a rampage and absolutely destroyed Mahuri’s kakashi. It wasn’t even funny, it tore it to pieces and made every single pieces explode. It seem that the Kakashi have enormous power compared to what the Seki are usually able to control, when they were on a rampage the Kakashi displayed 10 times the power their Seki usually uses. They were really crazy and I could understand why the army could be possibly interested in such war machine.


Now there ought to be some consequence after this fight, they did such a brutal display of their kakashi power in the sky of the city, hundreds of people have seen them now and it will be hard to cover up. But you know what sucks? We won’t see the consequence until next season, every single prediction for what happens next is useless until the next season comes out. I want Kamisama Dolls Season 2 to be out already! I’ve been waiting for it impatiently for the last 5 minutes !

The second half of this episode was some semi-conclusion, it was a really good conclusion if we forget the fact that it concludes so little. Hibino and Kyohei finally kissed and now they are ready for a wonderful Mario/Peach love life. I can already predict that Hibino will be captured multiple times again in the next season and that Kyohei will have to save her. But this time maybe Kyohei will finally be able to use Kukuri once again.


Now during this episode I think that the reason why Utao can’t control Kukuri anymore is because Kyohei has regain control, but Kyohei has simply not realized it just yet. This looks like the most likely possibility to me, given what we know of the future. After all we saw some preview and we know that Kyohei will regain control of a earless Kukuri to fight the four-legged Kakashi once again. I would also like to point out how awesome Kyohei looked in that preview, he seemed completely insane, just the way I love my characters.


Kyohei and Aki met again at the end of the episode and we were able to see them laugh together, most likely for the last time, Aki is going to the village to kill everyone in order to free himself. It just feels that the story has finally begun, the introduction just finished and now the real story was about to start, but we have to wait who knows how many month until we can see what is coming next, it is frustrating.

The only reason I hate this episode so much is because of how good the show is, if the show was boring I could have cared if it ended on a cliffhanger. But now it feels like torture. Hopefully we will have the next season in less than a year. I sure hope so.


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4 thoughts on “Kamisama Dolls episode 13 [Final]: The Real Story Begins

  1. nice said, i always waiting this update series every week. This series is damn awesome!

    I’d try to avoid reading it’s manga since it will reduce my curiosity. But when i check last chapter on mangafox it didn’t answer my question about this series ending since it’s still on-going project 🙁

    What the……

    approximately spring or summer 2012.
    I hope the world is not ended yet in 2012, 😀

    1. Even if the world end in 2012 I’ll watch it has a zombie, not even death will stop me from seeing what comes next

  2. I don’t think we gonna be getting season 2 for a long time T.T
    They used 7 volumes to do season 1 and there are 9 volumes so far T.T

    1. Do not shatter my hopes and dreams! Be gone demon ! patiently sits in a corner in wait for season 2

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