No.6 episode 10: The Innocent Killer


Nezumi and Sion begin their infiltration of the detention center in an effort to save Safu.




What is happening, why is Nezumi the one crying and Sion the one killing? Why must everything become so awesome all of a sudden. It is sad that every time everything get this exciting it means that we are nearing the end.

Safu, safu, safu…my waifu has become something more than a mere human, She was way too awesome to be but a regular human, she was destined to become a God and be elevated to a status above those stupid human. The Elf Queen chose her personally to host her soul. Now the Elf Queen and Safu are one and the Elf Queen said that she would grant Safu any wish she wanted. I have a feeling that next episode will be even crazier than this one, even if it is hard to believe.

Now the most awesome part of this episode for me was when we started to realize how psychotic and cold-hearted Sion could be if he put his heart to it. If it is to save his long-lost childhood friend Safu, he is ready to play King of the Hill on a pile of dead body and to shoot a man in the head. The most brutal action I saw him do before was when he slapped Nezumi in the face. There is a steep step between a slap in the face and a bullet to the face, it was quite the sudden change in his personality. Will Sion make it out of there still sane? or will he be forever corrupted and changed.

Now while Sion has become a murderer, Nezumi became a wimp. The guy who was always so cold and so sure of himself fell to pieces when he saw the young man he loved change from the innocent little angel he knew to the savage and cruel man he saw before his eyes. It was rally funny to see the role reversed this way, Nezumi in tears with Sion acting like the badass and comforting him. To see Nezumi on his knees begging Sion to spare the man’s life. It sure was an interesting and unsuspected sight.

Overall the episode was just amazing, I love show that have incredible character that lose their sanity and end up even crueller than the evil they try to face, and it seems that this is exactly what is about to happen. I want to see Nezumi cry in a corner while Safu and Sion have sex in the middle of thousands of dead and still bleeding bodies. Of course the show is not that hardcore, but I can still dream.



It smells the end, when things get this exciting, it means that we are witnessing the final showdown, Sion is insane, Safu is a God and Nezumi is now the mere ordinary mortal. I can’t wait to see what happens next, the wall of No.6 better be ready to crumble to the ground.


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