Tiger & Bunny Ep 7! barnaby had some angsty-o’s for breakfast :|

We begin this episode with the death of the bomb man and the fact that a NEXT killed him, as well as Barnaby’s frustration. He lashes out at everyone, mainly Kotetsu, and is extremely angry. He tells Kotetsu that the man had a tattoo belonging to something known as Ouroboros. He knows very little about them and felt he was extremely close. Personally I think the fact that he threw the guy warranted Kotetsu, who he tells nothing, to be concerned. But he’s angry nonetheless. Anyway, he doesn’t even answer his phones for the boss and because of this, Blue Rose has to step in to help kotetsu…jeez and I thought Barnaby stepped all over him. The other heroes really don’t think about Kotetsu do they >_o

….hijinks ensue xD

Anyway the CEO comes down and he himself called Bunny to get his ass down there. He gave them some lame ass excuse of being tired so they’re supposed to try out Saito’s new oxygen chambers to relieve fatigue.

insert nightmarish flashback

He wakes up as he’s being called to go on a mission, to bust a crime syndicate! and it’s a like recording at that!

also the director lady is still hot

And it turns out this is a HUGE deal, a super big bust and their reputation is on the line…hell yes!

And then right as it’s going to begin…IT BURSTS INTO BLUE FLAMES! Our friend the evil NEXT is BACK! And he attacked all of the syndicate members! Bunny races after him! And then an epic battle ensues …and during it, all the supers can here a voice in their head speaking to them. And we have our first REAL Villain, Lunatic! He spoke to the heroes in their heads, and he is making it all very clear…the justice the heroes have is nothing to him. He intends to show them true justice!

And in an AWESOME turn of events, Kotetsu grabs his arm with his suits wire contraption and pulls him all the way to another building. He declares that isn’t justice, just murder. Kotetsu gets to be awesome MY LIFE hooray!

oh husbando! the villain recognized you out of all of them! I’m so proud of you! And the villains outfit is stupid but he is sure damn powerful so who am I to judge? Nobody that’s who! XD  Lunatic escapes and Bunny is distraught until Kotetsu tells him that one of the men inside was revived afterall, so they have one single lead. And it ends there!

……on that note, this is really more of the turning point of the series. We get a big bad organization so big and bad no one even knows what it is. Barnaby has no answers and searches for them desperately, and Kotetsu is being a real hero even if people don’t see him that way… hooray! I love this show. :))


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