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Title: True Tears
Animation Company: P.A. Works
Genres: Drama, Romance, School
Aired: Winter 2008
Number of Episodes: 13
Personal Rating: 8/10

Here goes my next random review! To be honest, before I clicked the “Random Anime” button and got this as a result on some website, I had not heard about this show even one bit Let me tell you, that in itself is pretty impressive. I know a lot about anime… Anyways, the point is, I came across this show while hating on my homework, and found myself marathoning it in two days I was very productive on my homework, you see... So then, I thought: “Hey, I should blog this!” And so I did because I’m awesome and was very productive doing my homework.
So. As a premise, Nakagami Shinichirou, our main character, has been living with this incredibly hot girl because his parents took her in. There follows some ecchi and stupid romance and- Oh wait, that’s not what happens?

I mean, she's pretty cute...

Right. Yuasa Hiromi turns out to be a very quiet and shy girl when in the house, therefore her and Shinichirou barely ever talk. That is, until one day Shinichirou meets Isurugi Noe, a weird but very joyful girl at school. With this follows the beginning of a dramatic romance, where everything goes wrong everywhere and where you know that nothing will ever be truly a happy ending.
So basically, this is a dramatic show. For those who may be thinking of watching it, you have to like the drama. Personally, I thought it reminded me of Clannad a lot, and despite the story sometimes going overboard, it wasn’t one of those terrible dramas where people get pregnant and die and want to kill themselves. It was a cute, lovely romance, and at the same time it was very dramatic and had lots of surprising twists and turns. I have to warn people though, you’ll probably need tissues one time or another while watching this, because there are a lot of really sad moments. I found myself crying more than once. Then again, me crying was quite biased, because it was basically only favouritism.
Indeed, I have to admit that Isurugi Noe was just too cute for me to handle. I mean, come on. Look at her. points to picture above She’s just so cute while holding Jibeta ^.^. Anyways, let’s get back on track… I have to admit that I was quite surprised of the character development the producers gave us. With this being a romance and a drama, the characters needed a lot of substance, and I found them definitely not lacking in that category, and it was quite clear that the people in the show were changing and evolving as it went on. Although, truly, I wouldn’t have said so many good things about this if it wasn’t for the fact that I absolutely loved Noe… I think it’s just one of those shows where everyone has their own fave. Mine was Noe, some people liked Ai, I’m assuming some people liked Hiromi as well although I hate her guts, because it’s just one of those shows. That’s all.
This show stood out quite often also becauseI found it to contain a big amount of symbolism. Seriously, there were a lot of things that mattered a lot, that made us understand what was going through the characters’ heads, and yet in the end it was supposed to be only a simple thing that didn’t mean much. Heck, even the title “True Tears” in itself has so much symbolism and relates to the show really well.
On the technicalities side, the OST wasn’t so bad but they repeated the opening as an insert song way too much, however what I loved the most was the character art. For some reason, I kept noticing the shape of their faces… It was done so well… yeaaaaah, don’t ask. Anyways, the point is that I like pretty art. And the art was very pretty in this :).

So anyways. Overall, this show wasn’t the best I had watched I don’t think anything can beat One Piece *whistles*, however it was definitely a good watch. For something that has 13 episodes I found it greatly entertaining, and I would recommend this to anyone who likes drama and romance and pretty girls. I thought I should extend my likeness of this show to everyone, and hopefully get a few people to start watching it, since it’s really great!


I can't express myself enough to show how much I love that girl 😀

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  1. I really like this anime, and I love Noe, she was really amazing. I don’t really like Hiromi, she was kind of a bitch…

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