UN-GO Episode 4: Shinjurou’s Wellspring of Wisdom

This week on UN-GO…featuring…doll sex!

Well, nearly. It’s close enough.


Kazamori is revealed to actually be a RAI, the last one in existence after the rest were prohibited under the guise of being exploited and misused. The fridge Kazamori was in is arrested (WTF?) but Kazamori wirelessly jumps to the plush toy Inga picked up earlier, and attempts to pleasure Shinjurou when he tries to get information out of it. Going back to the mansion, they realize that Dr. Taku is a robot when he is shot repeatedly, and the only person that could have been pulling the strings all along was Komamori.


I underestimated this show, it’s a lot better than the initial synopsis revealed. Now, I don’t think I’ll be able to write too much without turning out a list of the whole solved case, everything’s a bit confuzzled in my mind. We’ll get on to Shinjurou’s doll fetish later.

1. Kazamori is not human, it is an RAI, an artificial intelligence made by Komamori (the one that “died” seven years ago)

2. The RAI were recalled due to the military wanting to use them in warfare. The explicit use was all a cover up.

3. Komamori didn’t like this, and so faked his death to throw them off track.

4. He placed Kazamori out as his replacement, and though Mitsuko’s mum and uncle knew, it was more convenient for them to keep their trap shut, as RAI’s can’t inherit fortunes.

5. Dr. Taku is a robot controlled by Komamori to maintain Kazamori. A robot fixing up a robot. 

6. Komamori’s “death” was faked using the remains of the real Dr. Taku.

7. No-one was supposed to die on the night of the “curse”. It just happened that a spy had gotten in to uncover secrets, and Komamori killed him by burning him.

Okay! Now it was pretty clever of Shinjurou (or the female Inga rather) to subtly put a stuffed toy on top of the fridge for Kazamori to transfer its conscience into, so that in the end, the police guys just took away a fridge. That blew up on top of their truck xD Shinjurou got a nice reward, of almost having toy sex with a stuffed toy. Wow, I mean I saw the lesbian RAI’s having sex and all, but this whole theme’s being thrown around a lot. And Shinjurou was ENJOYING it. If he wasn’t an epic detective, he’d be down so quickly as a…toy-pedo?

I think with all the “using RAI’s in warfare” stuff, it goes back down to the ethics/morals of people, and as what Shinjurou said, the instinct for people to do “what’s right”. I felt that was just a slight bit hypocritical of Komamori though, claiming that he was ethical enough to not want his creations to be used in warfare, yet he sits in his room, making stuff that’s now illegal, dressing them up in shrine/maid outfits and then raping them. Most likely. The new girl body Kazamori ended up in is hot though, I guess I can make an exception for that one. Wait no, what am I saying. He teaches his dolls to reward people with sex. That’s like something out of…a badly made eroge. Why can I actually name some o.O

Dr. Taku and his whole story was pretty clever, I have to admit. Normally with these kinds of shows I tend to try and guess the ending before it happens (so I can say “I told you so”) but I would have never guessed the real Dr. Taku was used by Komamori to fake his death, with a robot Taku to replace him. Neither would I have thought that the burnt body was some random spy that just happened to try and spy on an unlucky day xD

Since I’m not going to be covering this full time (hopefully Eva will get better soon) I’d just like to mention that the Defeated Detective idea is pretty smart, and is a complete turnaround from the cliche detective setups, where there is one supreme detective with their Wellspring of Wisdom that no-one can match up to. In this case, it’s a guy working behind the scenes purely for the sake of knowing the truth, which is quite…noble? Self-satisfactory I guess.

Overall I did quite like this mystery, it was surprisingly original, and while I felt the setup was a bit slow (or maybe it’s my short attention span) once the ball got rolling, it was an incredibly well thought out story.

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