Chihayafuru Ep 11: We Are The Champions


Chihaya’s team play against Hokuo in the finals, an incredibly strong school with two Class A players, Sudo and Nayuta. Kana-chan and Komano lose their games, while Taichi and Nishida manage to win theirs, both against people they’ve come across in the past. After an intense, drawn-out match, Chihaya manages to win against Sudo, unconsciously taking her Chihaya card out of impulse. Meanwhile, Arata back in Fukui receives all of Chihaya’s mails, and realizes that her team have won the regionals.


For some reason I always get shivers whenever the “Chihayaburu” card is read out, and this time was no different! I knew it was going to be the tiebreaker card a split second before it happened, and then Chihaya went and TOOK IT LIKE A BOSS xD There wasn’t even any of her usual enthusiasm, it was all graceful and…a bit cool too. I had the sudden impulse to start cheering and go OMG DID YOU SEE THAT??? to the nearest available person, but I had to be content with just replaying that scene over and over because it was just that epic.

Anyway the guy Chihaya played was the sadist from last episode, Class A player Sudo. I think they showed two sides to his personality, and I ended up being quite confused as to what to think of him. Of course, he just appeared to be the biggest prick ever by not accepting any apology other than a formal one, and his idea of looking down on people is pretty arrogant too. Arata should have been there to destroy him completely xD He’s a sly guy as well, and tried to demotivate his opposition when Hokuo started losing. Now when this happened he was suddenly shown to actually care about his team, sensei and actually does love the game itself, whereas he didn’t seem to really care before. He kinda redeemed himself with that, and he’s got a sense of honor at least to not cheat when he was losing or try to cause a disruption when he lost.

In terms of the other games, Komano took a card! Yay! While he might not be strong enough to win a match yet (especially when it was against Hokuo) he definitely has his mojo back from last week’s events, and I’m looking forward to when he’ll eventually win. We didn’t actually see much of Komano or Kana-chan’s matches though, so that was a shame. Taichi and Nishida both played people they’d encountered in the Karuta Society when they were younger, though I think Class A Nayuta is someone we haven’t seen before. He certainly gave Nishida a hard time, though he made a comeback after realizing that he gave up on karuta once, while someone like Nayuta was a complete rookie yet is now Class A because of his hard work. As for Taichi…don’t mess. Especially when he has his fringe down like that.

Also, more Arata screentime! waits for the fangirl screams to die down Okay. I LOLed at how the manager thought he wanted to watch porn, as well as at their faces when they saw Chihaya’s spam …enthusiastic mailing xD He caught wind of the fact that Chihaya’s team have won the regionals though, and are headed to the Omi Jingu tournament! If Arata does turn up to watch after he’s finished talking to cats, and there’s a reunion coupled with anything remotely heartwarming, stock up on the tissues beforehand. You’ll need them.

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    1. tries to ignore shrill fangirl screaming

      Just maybe…it might be time to defect to Chihaya x Arata. We’ll see when he comes back xD

  2. Hey, Vantage!!! Don’t turn your back on me like that!!! Although I kinda like Arata I’m still shipping Chihaya and Taichi together D: He has dibs because he came first!

      1. hey eva your not alone! I’m shipping Arata x Chihaya too remember?…

        goes to emo corner I was forgotten…

        1. HUGZ Don’t worry you weren’t forgotten! I was talking about being alone within the Blog Team!


  3. haha ok! thanks, it’s great that I wasn’t forgotten cause well…that would be sad…and aw man, when I finally got to see Arata again (not being a shadow of course) I seriously had to cover my mouth when I was screaming! When Chihaya said that the Chihayafuru card is like a magnet to her hand, attention, and thoughts (coughaboutAratacough) I couldn’t stop smiling at that! This show never fails to either make me laugh or put a smile on my face no matter what!

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