Amagami SS+ plus Episode 1 [First Impression]: Even Bitchier than Ayatsuji-san

Here we go! It’s the Amagami SS sequel guys – and we’re hitting off in reverse order for the omnibus this time, and so it’s Ayatsuji Tsukasa starting us off. MY BODY IS READY.

insert melancholic music…Two years ago…on that fateful Christmas Eve, a young boy’s heart was broken, and he became afraid of love. Will Tachibana Junichi ever find true love again? 

Well now he’s finished spamming his magical time travel powers and reset the start of the series six times, he’s passed the Christmas Eve date point and will now settle down and live happily ever after with Nanasaki Ai – oh, a Tsukasa is fine too. Wait, what? He’ll be spamming his time travel powers even more? And this time it’ll be two episodes per girl instead of four?

I was actually pretty afraid that this sequel would just be a shortened, compressed version of each arc, but I’m SO glad that it shows the “what happens after” with each girl, especially since for the Haruka and Tsukasa arcs there was that 10 year time-skip at the very end. Oh and because Ai is my fave out of the six girls.


A few months after the Founder’s Festival, Junichi and Tsukasa are now going out. When the announcement for the Student Council President elections is made, Tsukasa, Sae and two other pupils run for the position. However, Junichi is nominated twice as the vice-president, by Tsukasa and another girl, Kurosawa who seems to hold some kind of grudge against her. When Tsukasa uses her…methods to get ahead in the competition, Kurosawa frames Junichi into kissing her, which Tsukasa witnesses.


NO. DO NOT DO THIS TO ME, AMAGAMI. NO REVERSE NTR. buzzer Here I’ll even feed you some Ayatsuji-san fanservice.

Okay, maybe it’s not reverse NTR yet, but Junichi was enjoying that touchy-feely FAR too much T_T Baka nii-ni! When you have Tsukasa, you don’t need anyone else xD And I felt a massive fanboy rage over Kurosawa setting the whole thing up with her loyal fangirls, and making Tsukasa think Junichi had cheated on her.

Yeah, I know they’re both bitches, but Tsukasa is a good, likeable bitch SHOT I have absolutely no idea why Kurosawa would hold a grudge against her, but it may be related to the incident last season where she dropped her fake personality and went all-out against those girls who ironically now pretend that never happened xD

Hahahaha, I laughed so much when Tsukasa mentioned the “methods” she used against the other guy running for president. I sometimes forget that she’s actually a bitchy tsundere from the mask she always puts up, but the love she has for Junichi is real, which is enough for me. I wonder how she’ll react actually – when Risa showed her that doctored photo, Tsukasa was the only girl out of the six who didn’t believe her, but her witnessing Junichi “cheating” might be a different case.

No signature Nishishi~ from Mya Miya so far, but I guess she’s just too busy dressing up Nakata Sae as she runs for Seitokai Kaichou as well. This makes me suspect that in Sae’s arc, we’ll have Junichi helping her out to become the president, which would be pretty naff, and a recycling of the premise. In S1, each arc was different save for the converging point which was the Founder’s Festival, so I do hope things are original for each girl.

Oh my god I’m so excited xD Would have loved 24 episodes, but I guess I’ll have to make do with 12 for the time being. It’s gonna be AGES till next Friday sobs How will I possibly survive?

Possibility of Watching: Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Possibility of Blogging:  ^That.

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