Yusei struggles to come into terms with himself so that he can succeed pulling off Accel Synchro!

A/N: Sorry guys! It’s been crazy around here and I had to set my priorities straight and 5Ds unfortunately was the last priority, but starting today I’ll be back on track… hopefully…
This episode was pretty awesome except for the exaggerated scenes with the tornado. I liked that they didn’t let Yusei try pulling off Accel Synchro for the second time until at least half way through the episode. It was good that he was still facing conflict within himself and freaking out during the first half. I would’ve been annoyed if they made him succeed right off the bat.
I have to say, the theme song: Clear Mind, is SO BADASS! I LOVE IT!! WHAT AN EPIC THEME SONG FOR SHOOTING STAR DRAGON! I have the single, and my god it’s really addicting. The song is great!
We learned more from Placido about the circuit that Jose (the big guy of the trio) has mentioned quite a few times. I can’t believe after all this time, I’ve never noticed the bee dance symbolism- and for god’s sake, I WATCHED THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, I LEARNED ABOUT IT FORM THERE AND IT WAS MY FAVOURITE SHOW, HOW ON EARTH DID I FORGOT ABOUT IT?! Well it’s not something we think about everyday at this point of our lives, so I guess it’s expected. But it’s interesting how they used it for symbolism.
For the bees, they dance to instruct their companions to where they can find nectar and pollen/communicate with each other and Placido put it in terms of fate. Humans dancing around in circles following the path that they are given and are stuck to deal with whatever shit happens. Yusei on the other hand has a strong belief that humans have the power to change fate which leads to an evolution (or a revolution, depending on the circumstances).
As for the exaggerated Tornado scene…PFFTH! You have love how everyone is like, staring at the Tornado/Twister going, “WTF IS THAT THING!” and like, totally not evacuating to a windowless area (Except for Carly who has the brain of trying to find somewhere to go and lay low only to get picked up by the wind after being smacked in the head (which should’ve killed her considering the speed- whoops me and my logical side, hahaha)). I ended up laughing at Aki’s scene when she was like, “I’ll protect this girl!” and then the girl goes flying out the window!!!
At least she ended up saving her, but still hahahahahaha- that was an epic fail there Aki. On the positive note she also  made up her resolve that she doesn’t need her Psychic powers to be strong or something to rely on.
Overall it was a strong episode, we got some plot development and some answers to some questions we’ve been wondering about. While we got a bit about the circuit, the purpose behind it remains a mystery!


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