Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 3: …3 …2 …1 ACTION!!!!

Kaito decides to skip school as he is dealing with his embrassement and mini heartbreak of being rejected by Ichika- who isn’t aware of his feelings and misunderstood that perhaps he discovered that she’s an Alien. In the mean time, Kanna goes out to see him and the two hang out while Lemon and the others follow behind.



Tetsurou likes Kanna CONFIRMED! HE’S TOTALLY IN DENIAL BECAUSE HE’S PUTTING KANNA’S FEELINGS FIRST!  And then there was Mio, who was being really upfront about it and was telling him that he will be kicked and that he’s in the way and it will hurt. She’s worried about him, but at the same time I really do think she likes him.

I really enjoyed seeing Kanna and Kaito hang out, and how she wasn’t pushing the matters of the reason behind skipping school. I like that she doesn’t push it too much, and I found it both hilarious and felt bad for her that Lemon kind of ruined her moment where she was about to make a confession.  

I LOVED IT! Lemon with her epic filming gear, oh man- it’s so awesome.
I absolutely adored the misunderstanding between Kaito and Ichika. I do wonder when she’ll reveal the fact she’s an alien, but man that last minute- when she stepped on the dynamite with her speculations on whom he liked.
Overall this despite all the fantasies it was still a strong episode. I really enjoyed it, I loved the misunderstandings and how they managed to clear it up without any major complications. I really really love the current romance development kicking in. It’s funny, it’s enjoyable, not too over the top- and I adore the set up which I’ve mentioned in the previous entry. The best part is that, I’m rooting for more than one relationships, that always makes things more exciting! To be honest, I’m actually conflicted who I like with Kaito more, Kanna VS Ichika as both girls are absolutely charming and adorable.
Oh man~, I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode!


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