While Ichigo is training, Chad and Inoue are busy having fun with their old friend Tsukishima.


Chad is so much more powerful than before, he is amazing. I remember him to always give his all to fight even when he was not powerful, but this time around his power seems to have increased tremendously. While his el diablo attack seem to be weaker than what I remembered, he still packed quite a punch . It was surprising to see Inoue and Chad fight so well together, also for what I believe would be the second time since the beginning of bleach, Inoue was about to use her Koten Zanshun power.  I wanted to see just how powerful that could have been, I don’t even remember if it had any power or not. But that girl used to be such a whiny bitch that I would never imagined she would ever use that power again. She still looks very weak, but at least now she’s trying, which is already ten times better than what she used to do.

Tsukishima seems to be really good at making friends, I’m used to see people start hating me when I try to cut them to pieces with a sword, but he must be really an awesome guy, because  instead everyone wants to be his friend. Not only that, the guy is so beautiful that both guys and girl fall unconscious when they see him. I think Tsukishima doesn’t want to be mean to anyone, he doesn’t want to use Ichigo in anyway, he is only looking for a way to have as many friends as position, Xcution are his ennemies because they are so antisocial.

She just went to lemonparty.org

On a more serious note, I’m still not sure of the complete extends of Tsukishima’s power, but he can obviously alter the brain of everyone he touches with his sword. He can implements memories that will slowly develop inside the victims mind and eventually they will because his friend for real. I’m not sure if his power only works to make friend, or if he can implement any memories he wants, but it is already dangerous enough as it is. I wish for him that he can also implement memories for someone to like him even more than just a friend. Otherwise he will end up being the world champion of friendzone. At least he would be the best at something I guess.


He is a handsome guy, no wonder everyone likes him

Now what does Tsukishima wishes to accomplish exactly with Ichigo I have no idea, but by the looks of things, he could probably make an army of friend-zombie to work with him to overtake the world, and raising an army of strong warrior to conquer the world is a regular trend with bad guys in general. So this is my most likely scenario right now. we’ll see how far from the truth I was in a couple month I guess.


Now that Ichigo’s Fullbring is completed, I cannot wait to see it next episode. Just how powerful will he be compared to his old powers?


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