Chihayafuru Ep 16: Recap that you can actually Enjoy!


Recap episode with some bonuses directly from the Manga’s Extra Panels’ Comics!

I wasn’t expecting this episode to turn out as a RECAP! My hype for Chihayfuru Tuesdays was dosed out in a matter of seconds. For one, I’m a bit frustrated to see a recap episode, there’s what-  ten episodes left? Unless they are aiming for a second season, I wouldn’t be concerned about it, but if they are going for an orignal Anime Ending, I’m going to be honest here: I’ll be incredibly disappointed.
While this was a RECAP, I do encourage people to watch it for the heck of it because they added a little spin to it. What they featured was the manga columns of the extra panels comics Funny enough, it was actually the exact ones from the end of Chapter 17 of the Manga. Having just read the translated chapter 17, I have to say, it’s kind of creepy but extremely helpful at the same time.
Seeing those extra panels comics animated was what made this recap actually worth to watch. They didn’t make it dull, they made sure there was a bit for everyone to enjoy.
Another thing which I enjoyed while watching this, was the flow of the different episodes put together. It didn’t feel out of place, it gracefully switched to the next scene. Not all recaps get around that smoothly, so this one in particular earned some points.
My favourite part of this recap was the Extra Panel Gags about Taichi and the guys talking about girls and ‘BOOBS’. I also liked seeing Chihaya’s classmate question Kana and Chihiya about whether they have someone they like and then her classmate cuts Chihaya off going, “NEVER MIND, IT’S SPOILERS!”


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