This is serious business.

After learning that Marika is now the captain of a pirate spaceship, this week she has her first lesson! After running away from the kidnapper from last episode, she goes on a “trip” involving her mom, herself, a shit ton of artillery and some dumpyard. That’s right, because moms are totally supposed to teach their kids how to use a gun! Even more when the gun she has can easily go through a tank. Sad part is, I’m not even exaggerating, that’s exactly what happens.

"Listen kid. In order to advance in life, you have to push through to get what you want." Okay Mommy 😀

After this very educational lesson, Marika is told that she doesn’t have to decide yet if she wants to be captain or not, and the next day at the yacht club, we meet Kane MacDougal again as he is now coincidentally the teacher in charge I saw that coming a mile away. The club then goes on a large ship cruise, where Kurihara tries her best to stop an external electronic attack trying to take over the ship while they are still docked. Her and Marika then decide they will fend off the attack, despite knowing nothing about electronic warfare.
Now, someone tell me how two complete noobs in electronic warfare will be able to defend the ship? Honestly, it takes a geek to fight a geek… Anyways… This episode was awesome! Honestly, I was afraid I would find this episode less interesting than the first one, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Seeing so many tools of murder also made me feel so happy.

Looks like Marika has some tough choices to make! Honestly, she seems like such a nice girl, it feels weird that she’s gonna end up being the captain of a pirate ship… It seems like she has a lot of determination though, and she sure has the legacy! I mean, look at her mom… What a fucked up mom. I want a mom like that :D.

I also want a yacht club. And a spaceship especially a fancy one like Odette II. And awesome gadgets. But, I guess that’s not possible, is it? Anyways, looks like next episode we will finally get some action, it may not involve guns or people dying, but I guess an electronic war sounds cool enough to replace this. I wonder how Marika and Kurihara will pull through this one!  I have my doubts that this is a test to see if Marika is good enough to be a pirate captain, but that’s just me… Also, I should mention that Chiaki is SO tsundere it’s hilarious.
In the end, this show still has that “awesome” feel to it. I mean, come on… IT’S PIRATES IN SPACE!!! I’m still not over that. I love this show.