In which Araragi gets turned on by middle-school girls, and Kanbaru questions her pervertedness.


Araragi turns up at Sengoku’s house, and tries to not get turned on by her lack of clothes and seductive advances at a time when her parents are conveniently out. After he leaves, he meets his sister Karen on the way to Kanbaru’s house, where he realizes that the Fire Sisters are up to something suspicious but decides not to interfere. When he catches Kanbaru completely naked and starts questioning how much of a pervert she is, Kanbaru jumps him and starts taking off Araragi’s clothes, and he promises to never molest Hachikuji again.


Apart from Senjougahara, Araragi’s boke-tsukkomi interactions with Kanbaru are without a doubt the funniest out of all the oddity linked girls. You got what was coming to you Araragi. Moral of the story: don’t molest little girls.


I…honestly felt sorry for Kanbaru when she got caught naked on the phone having phone sex by her grandma. Boy is it gonna be awkward for them at dinner or what? As with all the others, I love her new look (the insanely fast-growing hair helps) and I think she’ll be winning the “Biggest Exhibitionist” category for the Winter Overview, with the position Araragi found her in. Oh, and the fact that she was COMPLETELY NAKED xD Except for that clever censoring using a stray pile of books. DAMN YOU, BOOKS. DAMN YOU T_T

Araragi’s visit to Sengoku’s house advanced the plot just a tiny bit – the fact that the curse was still running around the school (though Sengoku was the only person it actually affected). Similar to Araragi, I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what she was saying compared to her clothes, or rather, her lack of. The HanaKana voicing is just a plus, especially when she’s trying to seduce Araragi while he tries to pretend he doesn’t know what’s going on. I mean, the number of flags you can raise from a game of Twister is endless xD And I think that skirt just cheated me out of a pantsu shot. Hey, blame the show for making this series A LOT more ecchi than Bakemonogatari. Seriously, the ecchi level is OVER 9000 SHOT

I sure hope we’re not being trolled by SHAFT in regards to the plot, since even by the end of the episode, we’re still at Karen’s introduction with no idea about her oddity other than that it’s a bee, and that the Fire Sisters are fake Seigi no Mikata’s – heroes of justice. Karen herself is really tomboyish, and though I swear I’ve seen something like her personality before, I can’t really remember who that was. Tsukihi on the other hand – that “We’re goodness itself! …Onii-chan” was the cutest thing ever xD

We got treated to a bit more of the OST this time, with a new OP for the Karen Bee arc as well as the ED as performed by ClariS (and composed by supercell). Both are pretty upbeat and awesome, though I’ll have to listen to the ED a few more times before I can judge it against Season 1’s Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari spams replay And where was the dancing?

I love some of the new insert OSTs as well, in particular the one that was going on while Araragi was talking to Kanbaru. Renai Circulation made a cameo during the Sengoku interaction too xD Oh, and DAT 1080p QUALITY! I know it’s not much difference for an additional 200MB or so, but for the collection, it counts. Similar to how I refuse to watch Shana in anything less than 720p, no matter how late it gets subbed xD

Arararagi, I’ll take you up on that closing statement by the way. Let’s see how long you can go without molesting Nisemonogatari’s resident loli. It had better not be long, I love that running gag xD

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  1. Eisu

    Apparently, this season will cover the Nisemonogatari light novels which only consists of Karen and Tsukihi, so there’s a possiblity that the Karen story will be moving very slowly as will the Tsukihi story… if they’re gonna take the whole season just to tell these two stories, that is…

    1. Vantage

      Well, the main strength of this show is the wordplay between characters, so I don’t think I’d mind too much if they continue to deliver high quality interactions. The important thing is that the lack of plot isn’t replaced with meaningless filler.

      There’s also the business with Kaiki Deishu and his involvement with Senjougahara and Sengoku as well, but that could be a stand-alone or a subplot from either Karen or Tsukihi’s arcs.

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