Mouretsu Pirates Episode 3: Odette, My Love!!!

IT’S HACKIN’ TIME!!! Aw yeah.

So. Back from the cliffhanger of last episode, where our 2 main characters had decided they would try to hack the other ship’s system (commonly known as electronic warfare it sounds much more badass when they say it, but it’s really just hacking), this time the girls start their attack!
…Or should I say, the ship does. Because it’s so cool like that, looks like the Odette II can manage electronic warfaring by itself, without the help of anyone I want this ship. Now more than ever. After busting the dock’s breaker due to an overload of power used by the ship, the electronic warfare is over already? and Marika goes back to her normal life for another week until it is time for the cruise awwww yeah.

Chiaki-chwaaaaaan, you're so cute ^.^

Odette II is then sent in space, where many technical problems are encountered because it’s an anime and everything has to go wrong, and in the end Marika and Chiaki are sent in space with Kane and other newbies we don’t care about to fix the problem, and beautiful Odette starts off on her cruise while the episode ends sadface.
Such seriousness and professionalism!

Oh man, good thing this lasts 26 episodes! Honestly, the plot is advancing quite slowly right now. I like the pace, however I’m starting to wonder how all this will unfold and end in only 26 episodes! It kinda feels like they could make this show last for so much longer. They have so many ways to develop the story and to build a great plot, it would be an amazing show to keep ongoing! Unfortunately it won’t be though.
This episode was quite entertaining as well, despite keeping Marika at beginner level, the producers have shown us that this girl has quite a bit of talent on her own. She comes up with good plans once in a while, and the more I see of her, the more I feel she will be a very good Captain of the Bentenmaru.
Floating away~~~~

Moving on, I think I just found my new love in this episode. Screw boys, I’m turning into a lesbian-vessel-fetish person and marrying Odette. From the looks of it, that ship can fight off attacks by itself, it’s beast, it looks badass and has amazing technology and I haven’t even seen the Bentenmaru yet, can’t wait. You know, that’s quite amazing, and I love that ship. Period.
Next episode, apparently we will get to see yet another of Marika’s hidden talent as another ship approaches the Odette II? That preview spiked up my curiosity…

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