Nisemonogatari Episode 1 [First Impression]: Impostory

That’s what the title translates to anyway, another portmanteau much like how Bakemonogatari meant “Ghostory”. Anyway, I’ve missed this! It’s been too long xD


Araragi finds himself chained up in Oshino’s old hideout by Senjougahara, having been kidnapped by her. The scene then shifts to a hot summer’s day, where he ponders on what to do with his unstable vampirism and whether he should tell his two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi about oddities. Deciding to meet up with Sengoku, he heads of to her house but spots Hachikuji Mayoi and stops to molest chat to her.


“Er, I’d prefer to enjoy this conversation with no unnecessary Evangelion references.”

Dude, Araragi! I’d forgotten how badass you were! A bit of Senjougahara is always appreciated, too. I wasn’t too sure what the meaning of that short Senjougahara interaction at the start was, or whether it was figurative or literal (definitely the latter) but every conversation between them is as funny as it is entertaining. Such a sadist, that girl is xD I definitely recognized an ostinato (repeated phrase for you non-musicians) from Staple Stable somewhere in the new OP, and while it isn’t as catchy those set of clipping staplers were so nostalgic~

I distinctly remember a lot of Bakemonogatari as having the movie-like black bars present, so I was pleasantly surprised at the sudden change into everything going fullscreen.

We’ve only seen Araragi’s two sisters being there to wake him up in Bakemonogatari, so while they seem to be the oddities’ targets this time Araragi will continue to stay as protagonist I guess. While he doesn’t want to tell his sisters about his vampirism, it was obvious that Tsukihi’s realized something’s different now, and is worried about Araragi. Thus throwing a remote control at him o.O I actually think Karen nor Tsukihi would get that badly hurt from brawling with him, seeing as how they have their own oddity arcs I’m pretty sure they’ll be stronger than the average human. Bees do sting after all.

Kawaii imouto is kawaii though, who is much more intelligent that she lets on, even with the “Araragi Harem” situation. Hahahaha and she even has the same signature ahoge as Araragi, guess it must run in the family or something.

“Hey, it’s Hachikuji!” *perverted face*

I love how Shuraragi-san (oops, I stuttered) completely got sidetracked like the closet lolicon he is, and promptly started molesting Hachikuji as per usual whenever he sees her. And thus the famous biting begins. Even though she’s more of a comic character than anything, she’s still listens to what Araragi has to say about his issue and provides some good responses as well, for a little girl at least. This series continues to break conventions and I was surprised at how Hachikuji broke the fourth wall version of anime and referred to whether Nisemonogatari was going to have an anime or not, as well as hinting about dancing in the ED. Which never actually got shown T_T Now I have to wait for next week for that ClariS + supercell collaboration sobs

Not really much happened, since this was more a recap episode about all the characters than anything. It still managed to be awesome though, so no complaints here xD And as this series is story-driven by its character interaction anyway, I’m sure this will lead to something bigger involving Karen and her “bee” oddity.

Possibility of Watching: Yup

Possibility of Blogging: Definitely

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