Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 1 [First Impression]: Void Bearer


Henrietta sends Saito, Louise and Tiffa off to Romalia to meet with the Pope, where they discover that both Tiffa and the Pope are in fact Void users, with Julio being the Pope’s familiar, a Windalfr and the Right Hand of God. Later that night after an argument with Saito, Louise spots two thieves trying to make away with a magic mirror and tries to stop them by herself, while Tiffa asks Colbert to teach her the summoning ritual.


You know there’s that feeling you get, when something nostalgic turns up again. When Louise’s face appeared on my screen, and I could hear the new Zero no Tsukaima OP (as always, winningly sung by Ichiko) I got that exact feeling, and couldn’t stop smiling throughout the ep even though Season 3 wasn’t exactly amazing. The 1st season was one of the first series I ever watched after all, so I’ll stand by ZnT no matter how shit it gets xD

Previous seasons have had this annoying habit of introducing a plot, and filling the middle of the season with fillers, only returning to the plot in the few final episodes. J.C. Staff had better not do that this time, because it looks like all that mess with Gallia’s King Joseph is turning out to be more than just a sub-plot. I doubt both himself and Sheffield would agree to band up with Louise, Tiffa and the Pope – in fact, it could very well have been him that sent the earth magic thieves to steal that mirror and have some weird hands nearly rape Louise too.

Tiffa is a Void user! Oh god, what a plot twist! I didn’t see that coming AT ALL (note the sarcasm). What was actually more interesting though was her request for her own familiar, and though I was prepared to accept a new character turning up to the cast, her “summon” may have been interrupted by Saito, or it may have been Saito himself. I’m all for supporting Louise x Saito, and it would be a very J.C. Staff-ish thing to do to make Saito a familiar for two people T_T I don’t have anything against Tiffa either though cough HUGE boobies cough

I think they mentioned this some time ago, but I recall remembering that Julio was the Windalfr, the “Right Hand of God” similar to how Saito is the Gandalfr. Either way, the characters don’t know, and I don’t remember exactly what his Windalfr power is either. It could be the same as Saito’s, but that would just be really anti-climatic and I’d expect him to be cooler than that.

The Pope…is shady. It could be just me, and he could be a completely nice guy, but something seems off about him – maybe it’s how Louise went all deredere over him, like she did with that one fiancé guy from a past season. Remember how that guy turned out to be all for world domination and evil shit like that? Even people like Colbert have their own dark secrets, and I’m sure this guy isn’t all fluffy clouds and rainbows.

I have high hopes that this final season will be much better, and so far it looks like it’s living up to that expectation or is it just my biased opinion? Oh and it looks like that promo picture of Louise cosplaying as Index was more than just fanart, since she’ll really be wearing those robes next week. Seeing as both series are produced by J.C. Staff, I’ll be looking out for a Kamijou Touma cameo somewhere xD

Possibility of Watching: Sure

Possibility of Blogging: Why not?

0 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 1 [First Impression]: Void Bearer

  1. i dont like this series very much since i hate tsundere very much but since i have watch this series from start, it make me wonder what will happen…
    by the way, i agree that first season is the best from 3 season..
    i will read your review every weeks..if i not able to watch the episodes,
    so i’m counting to you, Vantage

    1. I love tsunderes! Well, the vast majority of them anyway xD

      The 1st season was definitely the best, though I see the potential for this final season to turn the tables and go out with a bang,

      Haha, I’ll do my best!

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