Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 3: Moving In


Yuuta brings Sora, Miu and Hina out to lunch, where they meet Yuuta’s college friend Nimura, who is told about their situation. Yuuta and the girls set up the apartment to a more suitable arrangement and they settle in, however there’s that lingering feeling that their parents will not be coming back, which Hina unknowingly emphasises all too much.


Similar to Yuuta, I was quite surprised at the rate at which Sora and Miu seemed to have gotten over their parents’ sudden deaths. I think they’re still hurt deep down, but just don’t want to show it so easily to boost morale or something. Still, going with Yuuta is probably their best case scenario. Of course, Hina doesn’t know anything about the concept of dying, and it was really heart-wrenching to have her ask all these perfectly innocent questions about when they’ll be back, whereas in reality, they’re dead after a plane crash. The way Sora and Yuuta kept trying to dodge the question or explain it in simple terms without mentioning death was pretty uncomfortable to watch as well, especially when the person you’re explaining it to is 3 years old.

You see, your parents have gone somewhere very far away...

Hahahaha, Hina thought the entire apartment building was Yuuta’s? Yes Yuuta, why don’t you tell us – where’s the living room? xD Although he managed to move the bed aside, it still must be as cramped as hell with four people living in a room designed for one. It’s as big as just the bathroom in their old house. That kind of apartment size is just asking for awkward and ecchi situations to develop – all it takes is that white sheet falling while someone’s getting changed behind it. Miu’s such a tease though, maybe she’s interested in Yuuta just as Sora is? In terms of that toilet thing with Sora, I understood her not wanting Yuuta to hear her use the toilet but I’m not too sure about the rest of her explanation.

I don’t know why I was surprised that the girls were so well-behaved – I guess it must be part gratefulness from Yuuta having taken all three of them in. I dunno, I just expected some sort of rebellion or someone being against it, but everyone adapted well to such a new environment. Whether they’ll be able to cope in the long run is another issue entirely.

We got a bit of playboy Nimura meeting the girls (first accusing Yuuta of being a pedo of course) and the inevitable collision between Yuuta’s college life and life with the girls will be really fun to watch. Of course the awkward situations and moments that you’re bound to get with that kind of set-up will turn up every now and then, with next week being one of those times. Still no Raika, I am disappoint. Overall this ep pretty much had a bit of everything, yo-yo’ing between serious and playful all the time, but reminding us that above everything, this show is still a nice family comedy.

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