Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 110: Yliaster's Mission Revealed- Some of it at least…

Thanks to Shooting Star Dragon, Yusei manages to defeat Placido. However although the chaos within the city resides, Yusei and his friends come face to face with the trio they’ve been fighting against, who announces that they are the Three Emperors of Yliaster and their purpose is to change the future.

Okay that was kind of silly to see Yusei draw five Tuner Monsters in a row, not to mention heck of a free pass to victory. With the whole Bonds thing going on, I’m going to blame it on the Crimson Dragon. Why? Well that damn thing gave the group the marking in the first place, and obviously it felt like trolling Placido and hijacked Yusei’s deck and magically made every tuner conveniently appear. Of course this is to go against Placido’s insane defence- but even so that’s not a good enough excuse for me. So with that said, within ten minutes of the episode, Placido ends up defeated and crashes… And the rest of the episode is all about explanation to push the plot forward.
We finally learn that the trio from Yliaster are the Three Emperors of Yliaster, and their purpose is to change the future. Their organization has existed since accident time to make sure that society wouldn’t end up destroying themselves. They are also responsible for messing up Rudger (remember that guy from Season 2? He worked alongside Dr. Fudo and eventually took over the Momentum Project) and tried to use him to destroy the Momentum. Only the sacrifice from the Zero Reverse wasn’t enough as the Momentum remained and continued to be use.

And now their new plan is… DESTROY NEO DOMINO.





Pffth as if. Rather than that- there we have it: Our explanation why the universe hasn’t cut Yusei any slack since Season 1. He always had a bunch of people that have been trying to kill/torture him and make his life miserable!!!!
Sherry shows up all like, “RAWRRRRRRRR!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!”
DUDE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WRONG IT LOOKED AT THIS SCENE! LOOK AT THIS. YOU TELL ME. There’s absolutely no way you can have a pure thought.
I’m not surprised to see that Jose is the leader since he’s the most patient and calculative one of the trio. I was pretty amused seeing Lucanio’s reaction when he questioned Jose being the leader.
Now that Jose’s tablet has arrived, he proudly showed off his Machine Emperor Grannel. He tells them that if they want to challenge them, they have to keep winning and then face them in the WRGP and that the truth is there.
Overall decent episode. It was mainly focusing on pushing the plot forward, and giving us the background we’ve been waiting for about Yliaster and how they’ve been using their power and for what purpose.
Well now that because Neo Domino City is pretty fucked up, the WRGP is now put on halt… I’m not exactly sure what to expect for the coming episodes, it looks the next one will focus on Jack- hey isn’t that Bomber? What’s up with him? OH GOD PLEASE NOT ANOTHER FILLER EPISODE! D:
PS: It continues to baffle my mind how this androids have magical powers! Oh well, it’s just another thing that I laugh about really.


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