After having a prophecy about Jack’s future, Bommer calls him down and warns him that he must find another way to fight or else he will be consumed by his power.

This time this episode (fortunately not so much of a filler like I was worried about) focused on Jack and wanting to become stronger and told to take precautions otherwise he’ll be destroyed. As cheesy as it sounds, well- this isn’t quite the first time Jack been over the top with his obsession of “MY POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!”
Sorry I didn’t take this episode too seriously and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting us to see  Bommer again after the Dark Signer Arc had ended.
The minute they mentioned Crimson Devil I was like, “WUT?” It was refreshing to see them worry about the Earthbound Gods returning. It was pretty funny to see the kid get possessed, but yet- still had control of his consciousness and his deck was completely changed (suicidal sacrifice deck if you ask me). Either way, it was fun to see that Jack really did get owned by his own power and the duel was called off because he crashed. And again it wasn’t surprised to see him stubbornly refuse to find an alternative.
Overall this was a decent episode, but I still found it relatively boring. On the positive note this episode was extremely well animated (and it’s a whole lot more clear since I’m watching this in HD compared to the last couple of episodes). I was also pleased to see how smoothed both Yusei’s and Jack’s CG  D-Wheel blended with the background.  The next episode will feature Jack dueling against the Crimson Devil’s servant ON THE GROUND. *LE GASPS* WHEN WAS IT THE LAST TIME WE SAW HIM DUEL ON HIS TWO FEET?! Oh that landshark- pffth but that’s a filler character… oh wait, this is sort of a filler too.


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