Tsuritama Ep 2: Another Fishing Adventure-geso~



Yuki encounters Haru’s sister, and she threatens him into learning how to fish. Natsuki teaches them how in an off-hand manner, and Haru has to shoot him with the water gun to go slower. Yuki learns how to tie a knot to make fishing possible, and Akira transfers into their class (with his pet goose, of course).


The episode explodes out of the gate with the strangest OPs I have seen in a while…in fact, it reminds me uncomfortably of the eighth opening of Detective Conan, you can compare them. I really like the use of textures and lines, that’s the one big draw of the show. After all, you’re not supposed to take this too seriously, this is the kind of lounge anime where you don’t want to think too much and need a break.

They are dancing backwards with fishing rods. Seriously.

It turns out, alien-Haru-kun has a sister, and she too, is trigger –happy. XD Her gun is a little different, and she sure sticks out a lot more than her brother. I mean, that outfit…haha, it’s kind of cute, now that you think of it. Yuki’s progress is coming along slowly, and I can somewhat see what this is building up to. Each person has a little something to change about themselves that they can’t do for themselves, so they somehow, begrudgingly, hang out together in order to change it. Natsuki, aka the Fishing Prince (did I mention he was my favourite character out of everyone? :3) is every inch the loner…he knows all about fishing, but lost the patience to teach and interact with others long ago. Haru is a little too trigger happy, but at the same time, he’s “saving” each person in their own way.

The resemblance and weirdness is uncanny.

He shoots Yuki on the train when he was about to freak out again, and they manage to make it to school with much else other than another embarrassing Enoshima dance-dance segment. Yuki…is growing a thicker skin, and learning to not give up, even if it means that he blacks out and wakes up when he’s about to flip out. His “drowning” will be cured by the end of the show. Maybe there’s a family crisis where he has to step up?

Fishing Prince, kya~

There’s plenty of family drama involved here. There’s Haru and his sister, and there’s some foreshadowing on the end of Yuki’s grandmother. It turns out, Natsuki’s mother died less than 2 years ago, and he’s still trying to move beyond it.

Is it just me, or is Haru too close to Yuki for comfort? BL-radar buzzes XD

It’s just me, right?

Final note: This is Kaitou, signing off on Tsuritama episode 2~Please look forward to ZeroG’s impressions next week!


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