While fighting a tag team match with Taku, Haruyuki realizes he now has the capability to level up and mistakenly does so, eating up 300 of his points and leaving him vulnerable – something that Kuroyukihime reminds him of only too late. Meanwhile, Haruyuki and Taku have told Chiyu about Brain Burst and accelerating, who gets so mad that Haruyuki has to buy lots of ice cream for her to forgive them. As they eat, Taku realizes that Haru can hire a bouncer to protect him and help him gain his points back – a bodyguard named Aqua Current.


Interestingly, we’re taking a slightly different turn from the manga, in which the order of events have been swapped around a little – not that I mind too much. The main difference was that Taku and Haruyuki have now told Chiyuri about Brain Burst and everything, which caused her to go into pissed tsundere mode (probably over not being included). I was surprised she actually believed them without questioning much, but she’s got the wrong idea if she thinks the entire thing’s just a fighting game, because it’s so much more than that. The large servings of ice cream definitely helped to appease her quickly, though the flavour names I was quite worried about. Dangerous…banana? Really?

Taku’s actually got a few problems of his own, which are hinted at but not completely explained just yet. Aside from leaving the Blue Legion and all that, there’s something weird going on with his kendo tournament, which I suspect he might have cheated in or something using Brain Burst in the past. It must be pretty big if he needs Kuroyukihime’s help, though it might be dangerous for her after losing 99% of her points.

In his Silver Crow form, I tend to forget that Haruyuki’s clumsy, and quick enough to act without reading the small print. And pretty tactless too, to ignore Kuroyukihime’s subtle change in hairstyle. Salesmen could probably con a fortune out of him lol xD I’m impressed that he’s willing to fight for his own points rather than just accept Taku’s, though you can see that there isn’t complete trust yet – Taku himself is wondering if Haru thinks he’ll take all his points while he’s weak.

His other idea to hire a bodyguard to protect Haruyuki while he gets his points back wasn’t a bad, but I can’t help but wonder what kind of Lv 1 Burst Linker would be so willing to spend their time helping others regain points. Of course, Aqua Current would gain points too, and if he’s still Lv 1 it must mean that he has a huge number of reserve points stored up, which would guarantee safety when fighting against higher level Burst Linkers.

Finally, I hate to break it to you guys…but as oddly appealing as Aqua Current looks, are you sure he’s a girl? Does Taku ever refer to Current as a girl? I know, it’s Hideyoshi all over again – I feel your pain, I really do. Hang in there guys, maybe we’ll be saved by the adaptation.

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  1. TimesTicking

    Hmmm interesting that Taku showed up in the hospital to see Kuroyukihime O.o
    Next episode everything is gonna be new XD
    I really hope this series goes up to 24 episodes

    1. Vantage

      Yup, something about a Crimson Gale Princess arc, whatever that means.
      And yeah, its definitely a two-cour up until the end of summer.

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