What a great way to open the show, we have Dai-sensei taking a sensual bath with a speaking chainsaw in between her leg while they were inside the bath. I usually am not one to judge about other people sexual fetish, but having a chainsaw between her leg simply doesn’t seem like a good idea in general, there is always a limit to how rough one can be with those kinds of things.



In other news, there is another new character introduced this episode and I simply love him. The-weird-guy-that-constantly-puke-blood, that’s his name. I don’t know what I love more about him, how random he is when he talks and how cool he acts even though he is in a really bad shape, or if it is simply because he pukes more blood than there is in an average human body and he does so constantly. Either way the character came out of nowhere, without any presentation and changed the course of the story and we still have no idea who he is or why he had this ring to begin with, but I find him quite amusing.


You know how Maelstrom ask Ayumu to come meet her near the tree outside the school? Well the scene right before she is in the school swimsuit and the next she is dressed once again. Meanwhile, Ayumu decided to stay in his beautiful wedding robe. I have no idea why he didn’t think it would be a good idea to change clothes now that he had the opportunity, but maybe in the end he DOES have a small cross-dressing perverted side.  After all for some reason he did manage to erase everyone’s memory only to end up cross dressing once again, there is a limit to how unlucky one can be, this is simply fate.

I am sure that in his heart, Ayumu simply love the feeling of the wind passing between his legs. He want to have his manly part free from the restrain of small pants and expose his inner beauty with some marvelous feminine wares. I understand him perfectly, because after all he is so beautiful when he can expose his true power and his true self, not even the prettiest woman could compare to his beauty.

The megalo in the episode was surprisingly funny, they all have their particularities, but this one was asking for cup size of random girls, but the funniest thing really was that he was asking a Japanese girl if she was wearing a G cup. I think he would be lucky if he would have found one with anything larger than a C in that country. Either way, that megalo looked so inoffensive and only perverted, but it was still a lot of fun to see him explode of ecstasy when he died. It had such a perverted undertone,  it wasn’t hidden in any way. Then again, Ayumu’s panties weren’t hidden in any way either…


This episode was quite fun, but I was expecting something a tad more epic. Nonetheless, I was not really disappointed in any way, I had a great time watching the episode and I want to see that random blood-puking guy again !


ZeroG signing off