Rea follows Babu out onto the roof, where they both jump down to the flowerbed outside Furuya’s house and start eating hydrangea leaves, causing Rea to return to her normal state. Furuya realizes that a constant supply of hydrangea, the main poisonous ingredient in the potion, is required to keep the resurrection going, a fact which is confirmed by his grandpa, who lays out some other rules for him to follow. Furuya then manages to get his dad to allow Rea to officially stay, now that his secret is out.


I feel kinda sorry for Wanko, having her childhood friend taken away by a random girl that was turned into a zombie and somehow became attached to Furuya. She’s doing her best to help him, but it’s pretty obvious that she’s jealous, having realized her feelings slightly too late. In Furuya’s defence though, when you have such a moe zombie girl like Rea who’s willing to lick your wounds and stuff, I’d go for her any day too. I wonder if it’s some kind of foreshadowing though, with something that unnatural being calmly carried out by Rea. Does biting result in zombifying by any chance?

So eating hydrangea leaves, the source of the poison, maintains a zombie’s sanity and health. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Which is why Babu (and now Rea) likes the flower bed so much, as well as being outside helping to exercise the body. What was more surprising was that Furuya’s grandpa was able to maintain enough sanity to explain nearly everything stares at Wanko It looks like he was really the guy that created the potion after all, though its bordering on scary when I see his face that serious. Thinking back on something in earlier eps – wasn’t the grandpa eating hydrangea leaves as well? Then does that mean…oh, wow.

Even though it’s slightly unrealistic, I’m glad Furuya’s dad had the decency to allow Rea to stay, instead of kicking her out, or calling her parents (which is what would have happened in real life). Wanko doesn’t seem like she’s about to tell anyone either, though I would hope not since she was very much involved, being Rea’s first “target”, as it is. For some reason it seems like it’ll end in tragedy at this rate, since preserving dead bodies is almost impossible from what I know. Furuya recording Rea’s movements to monitor her progress is a good thing in that sense, but it’s also kinda tactless given that Rea’s been eye raped all her life because of a camera – I’m surprised she was okay with videoing at all.

Speaking of cameras and paedophilic fathers, that ominous black car was such a killjoy to the building happy mood. Furuya’s going to have to eventually confront Rea’s father, but can’t he do it later? Leave me in peace with my moe Rea for a few more eps.


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  1. Mekem

    You can have father confrontation and moe Rea at the same time, and you WILL, and it will be fantastic.

    1. Vantage

      If Furuya beats the shit out of Rea’s father, then indeed it will be fantastic.

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