Recorder to Randoseru Episode 19: Sports Festival

In which Atsushi monopolizes victory in the sports festival.


The End.


Alright, so this episode was… uhh… Frankly, very boring. Comparing it to last episode which was amazing, this week lacked in humour, and the only joke that I laughed at was Atsushi being in the three-legged race.
Apart from that, the only other thing that I found interesting showed up last episode: Atsushi and Atsumi actually have parents? Somehow, they never appeared before last episode, so I was really intrigued when they finally did. Giving them parents adds extra characters to the show, and hopefully we can get more variety on the jokes as well as adding a bit more substance to the show. I’m curious to know a bit more about them, so far they seem to have enough common sense not to go to Atsushi’s sports festival, although I don’t know excatly why they faked some injury, I didn’t really get it o_o

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