You've gotta love them. Especially when Tsumiki's holding one ^.^



It’s SUMMER TIME!!! That means the students get to be enslaved and participate in a pool cleaning activity! Which isn’t a bad exercise for Tsumiki, as she uses her super powers and cleans up the pool like a Bawss. Mayoi and the others also decide to have a hockey/baseball game honestly, I’m not sure which one describes it best with the brush they have now called Sakaki,while the real one suffers mentally due to this brush-bullying business.

Be scared, guys.

The second part of the episode consists of having everyone come over to Io’s place to study and smell his shirts. There, we learn that Hime and Mayoi are hopeless idiots, whereas Tsumiki is a genius and Io is a good teacher the personalites fit. The next day, it’s a rainy day at school and Io comes back home sharing an umbrella with Tsumiki, causing our cute kitty to glomp him aborably.
Note that there's a second hole in the wall... Remember the first episode?



Tsumiki, stop being so cute… Any more and I think I’ll die…

I swear, this episode seemed like it was all for her. Although there were a few other jokes which made me die laughing for a few minutes (like the umbrella flying off which completely came out of nowhere), I feel like there wasn’t much happening in this episode except for Tsumiki being the most adorable thing on Earth. Interestingly enough, I didn’t think the one scene that would give me most impact would be one where all 3 girls of the show fangirl over the smell of a shirt… That’s a first.
The other thing which was probably most important is the idea that Sakaki is now becoming the victim of the whole group. Whatever happens, he’s always the one taking the hits, and this episode emphasized it a lot more. I do enjoy it when I see that all characters are slowly getting their own personalities, they are actually pretty developed for a show which doesn’t have much of anything except really cute and funny moments. I feel bad for Sakaki now…

I mean, just look at him, doesn't he look all teary-eyed? *sniff* Poor Sakaki...

I was also pleasantly surprised when I learned that this episode had no competition between everyone. Of course, there was a bit of a hockey/baseball game, but the show didn’t use the template they have been using for the past few episodes, where everyone plays a game and tries to win through interesting means. This show seems to refresh itself every few episodes, which is great because then it never becomes redundant.
...Yeah, it never gets redundant.

NEXT EPISODE WILL BE AWESOME!!! Everyone will go to a rented villa and spend summer vacation there. Let’s see, who’s going to jump on Io first… The odds are up, my bet’s on Mayoi since she’s more straightforward… Hime’ll faint from nosebleeding too much and Tsumiki’s too much of a tsundere.
A really, really cute tsundere... She should wear that ribbon more often.

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  1. TimesTicking

    I died laughing watching this episode XD
    Tsumiki was pure awesome. The umbrella flying was unexpected XD
    This show is getting better and better 😀

    1. Myst

      Yeah, the umbrella was amazing, I was like “what just happened?”
      And honestly, the more I watch it and the more I’m amazed at how much of a great job they’re doing on this show, the way things are going nothing’ll ever become redundant and it only gets better 🙂

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