That moment when you realize seagulls can poop.



Snakes on a Plane Reinvented

Continuing this flashback arc, Kiritsugu accompanies Natalia, his savior, and eventually becomes her associate in her missions. Meanwhile, his personality forms, and Kiritsugu becomes cold killer trying to help the world become a better place. During a mission where Natalia has to murder some bee-fetish dude on a plane, the plane gets invaded by bees who transform everyone into zombies and try to eat her up. As Natalia takes over the plane and wonders how she’ll land without bringing the zombies on land, Kiritsugu solves her problem and blows up the plane, killing Natalia in the process.


…Kiritsugu is amazing. AMAZING. I knew he was a psycho who could kill just about anyone if the consequences deemed it right, but I didn’t think he was that fucked up… Oh man.“the skill to set aside your emotions and pull the trigger without a second thought is something which killers take years to develop. You’ve had it from the start.”

Natalia said it, and she meant it. Well, guess what, it resulted in her own death in the end. I pretty much knew that she was going to die, and I also knew that Kiritsugu was cold-blooded, but I didn’t think he would cast aside his heart as much as this in order to do what was right. I was crying by the end of this episode… Poor Kiritsugu *sniff* Having to lose every single person he gets attached to…

Hey, at least she gave him some cool souvenir... Right?

It was really interesting to know more about Saber’s Master, since he always seems so freakin’ cold and stoic, it’s a bit hard to imagine how he was as a kid… Turns out he was as fucked up as he is now. We learned a lot about a few of his habits, like practicing how to build a gun as fast as possible, as well as smoking which he got from his “mother”. After this, I can only see why Kiritsugu is a man who fights as dirty as he wants in order to win the Greil War. To him, if it saves more people in the end, then it will always be a good thing, whether he has to do the dirty work or not. Casting emotions aside like he does is such a harsh thing to do, and it’s the main reason why I love him so much, because his emotions never get in the way of his work and he always does whatever will give the best outcome. Heck, this guy’s Light with his morals set straight, how can I not love him?
This episode ends the flashbacks, and next week we will be back on the main storyline, where it seems that Rider and Gilgamesh will have a showdown. Zero will take care of the episode, but you can make sure I’ll be waiting for it impatiently. THIS IS SO GOOD!!!