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 Photography by Eva
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Anime North Day 1: Eva you IDIOT.
First I forget my QB hat and then I do something incredibly stupid.

I can’t lift weight with my condition (carpal tunnel syndrome) but you know what, I couldn’t stop myself. I bought vol 8 – 11 of of VB Rose (THE MINUTE I SAW IT I WAS LIKE KAJHDKAJSHDKASJDHAJSDHAS BECAUSE YOU KNOW, IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET NOW DAYS SINCE LIKE TOKYOPOP WENT DOWN UNDER, BUT GAH I FORGOT OR LOST MY PAPER SO I DON’T REMEMBER WHETHER I HAVE VOL 7 OR NOT, AND I’M GOING TO KICK MYSELF SO BAD WHEN I GET HOME IF I DISCOVER THAT I DON’T HAVE IT!), Vol 4 -6 and 35- 37 of Eyeshield 21 annnnd Fairy Tail.vol 7 & 8. Oh and I bought QB plushie because he asked to make a contract with me and I couldn’t resist.

 To the left and the Korra (LOK) Print + Buttons are all Eva’s merchandise, to the right are Myst’s two prints (Elci and Saber) and a pocketwatch
Of course best of alll I was able to get plenty of LEGEND OF KORRA goodies!!!! 5 buttons (mako, korra, bolin and pabu and Lin) annnnd one korra print + the last BRS figima (no more Homura ;^;) god my shoulders hurt I’m also now broke I spent the last of my cash on that korra print SO worth it though!!!

Unfortunately due to my wrists and having worn the splints (because god knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t wear them while holding this SLR camera that is ridiculously heavy), the majority of the photos I’ve taken today turned out horrible. Why exactly? Let me tell you about it.

SEE THIS? One of my favourite shots of the day, and I was devastated to see it messed up! *SOBS* I EVEN MESSED UP ANOTHER KOTETSU ONE TOO!!!
Without realizing it, because my hand is covered with the splint, it must’ve tweaked the focus as I took the shots. I swear to god, tomorrow I’m going to try not wearing the damn thing because I’m so upset. They were such wonderful cosplayers, their outfits were fantastic! I hope I’ll be able to run into them again tomorrow and retake those shots because they absolutely deserve top notch quality.
Besides my rant and story of devastation, compared to last year, today was awesome. I have to say I was dealing with a Deja Vu moment considering the weather condition was exactly like last year, except instead of cold, it was RIDICULOUSLY hot (thank god it was windy!!!). Unlike last year, this time I decided that Myst and I were to head out EXTRA early! I don’t think that many people realized you can pick up your passes starting at 1pm. Anyways we showed up at 12pm and we only had to stay in line for one hour and then we wandered around and took pictures and rested and stuff. I kept on waiting for that damn dealer room line up to start, of course I go somewhere, come back, and there’s a ridiculous line up *FACEPALM*. By the time I got in, no more Homura nendroids or figimas. *SOBS*
At the same time there were two ‘witness in action’ today.
A car almost going on fire, sources say that some idiot put their coat in the car’s engine. The next was one that happened just twenty feet away from us, a minor car crash with burning the tire or whatever the stupid term is and a bitch fight starting. The cops who were on duty for the area took care of the scene. Basically SOMEBODY went through the red light. I kind of wanted to get a picture of the scene first hand, but I didn’t have the guts to do that.
Overall definitely a fulfilling day, the The cosplays were phenomenal so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Mental note to self: NO SHOPPING!!! I totally blew my budget *FACEPALM*. The scary part is that this isn’t the end of my manga shopping, I’ll be picking up more on Sunday… >_>;;; Yeah I’m CRAZY. 😀 I’ll definitely be snagging more LOK goodies (if you haven’t figured out already I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE KASJDKAJHDLKASJHDKAS HUGE ATLA/LOK fan, and you have no idea how much I love this series- THANK GOD THERE WASN’T A NEW EPISODE THIS WEEK WOOHOO!!!/ONE OF THE MINORITY CELEBRATING THE CASE.) Also a note to self to remember to bring sunscreen, both Myst and I gotten quite burnt. >_>;;; How delightful!
Until tomorrow!
Enjoy the pictures!
NOTE: There are purposely a few blur ones, specifically because I wanted to point it out as an example in the above.
Oh and I just remembered. I lost my Lens Cap. I knew I shouldn’t have left it in my pocket… *SOBS*
Oh and Ihave a terrible sun burn, and my neck hurts, and my wrists are somehow alive- btw I’m typing this all up *CRAZY TYPING DANCE, OH IT FEELS GOOD TO TYPE AGAINNNN (SERIOUSLY TYPING ON A LAPTOP IS SO MUCH EASIER, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.)

Myst’s Adventures: My First Anime North Experience

THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME!!! As a newbie at the convention this year, I must say, I was happy with what I saw. I had only been to one convention before, and it was like… a third of the size of this one.
Many of the panels I wanted to see are tomorrow, therefore I spent most of my time either waiting in line/being in the Dealer’s Room/Art Galleries wandering. I’ll be honest, I was impressed: The selection was huge. Not having any idea of what I wanted this year, I came back out of the Con with 2 gorgeous prints I’m in love with them SO MUCH and a pocketwatch because pocketwatches are just that awesome.
In terms of cosplays, I was impressed. The one I loved the most was definitely the group cosplay of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika telepathic props to you guys, although the Yu-Gi-Oh card and the Zero costumes made me happy everytime I passed by them.
If I was to say a few negative things about today, one of them was the temperature -_-‘ It gave me a good dose of sweat and a few sunburns to top it off, YAY!/extreme sarcasm. The long line was also pretty bad, and I didn’t really find any panels to go to except the One Piece one, which I enjoyed very much.
Overall Impression: There was TONS of people, the convention was huge, I was impressed by the organisation of it and I’m really happy with what I bought 🙂 My expectations for tomorrow are much bigger though, since I’ll be going from Event to Event all in one shot, and it’ll also be the time where we see the most cosplays. I also inted to buy some Code Geass related stuff, so I’ll have fun trying to find that.
Oh yeah… For those who were at the Con, you know the little Japanese restaurant where they sell Dangos and Onigiris? Yeah… I kinda got addicted to them… They’re DELICIOUS!!! I recommend them to anyone.


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    In picture 66 and 67, what’s the name of the girl’s character? She looks a bit like Katara from Avatar, but I know it’s not her.

    1. Eva

      That’s Korra, the heroine and Avatar in the new series The Legend of Korra. 🙂 Beside her is Mako.

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