Eva’s Anime North Coverage Day 3: I REGRET NOTHING!!!!
Today was the last day of Anime North, otherwise known as, “GET YOUR ASS INTO THE DEALER ROOM”. Sunday is the sale day for boh the DR and the Artist’s Alley (for some booths). I knew what I was going in for and went straight to the Manga dealer and bought 20 mangas and got 4 more free. I know, insane right? So now I have a total of 36 volumes since I bought a dozen on Friday. I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!  I was also sure to buy prints from the Artist Alley. I bought 2 Legend of Korra prints (Mako and Korra, but I now regret not getting Bolin’s as well), 1 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Print of Ultimate Madoka, 1 Vocaloid Miku, 1 AnoHana (it’s gorgeous!), 1 Himari (Mawaru Penguindrum) keychain and 2 buttons (Charlotte and Homura, Mahou Shoujo Madoka).
1 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Print
1 Vocaloid Print
1 AnoHana Print
1 Himari Keychain
1 Homura Button (Mahou Shoujo Madoka)
1 Charlotte Button (Mahou Shoujo Madoka)
After that I took a few pictures (silly me, how the hell did I do that with my hands full) although I did want to take quite a bit more. There were a lot of great group photos going on. Soul Eater, FMA, uh what else… Anyways, it was a good wrap up. I then hung around with the group I met the other night during the Legend of Korra Panel and then afterwards Myst and I went to see the replay of the AMV Showcase since we missed it yesterday due to other events. We didn’t stay too long as I started not to feel well, and left at 3pm. I’ll tell you right now I’m not used to walking 15 hours STRAIGHT and being in the sun for 85% of the time, not in this heat anyways. Worst off I had forgotten to put on sun screen so as you can imagine, I got burnt pretty bad, and it really got to my head- literally. I almost passed out severals times after we got back, I think I might’ve been a bit dehydrated. (Which is the reason behind why this and Day 2 post was delayed).
Overall Anime North 2012 turned out to be incredibly awesome. I came here with low expectations as my prior experience of attending this convention back to back two years ago wasn’t very fun. Last year I went alone and in comparison to this year’s it was okay. I think what made this year better was the fact I wasn’t alone, I actually attended panels and screenings for the first time and I was able to interact with more people and make new friends. We were incredibly lucky with the weather as we constantly dodged the bullet of severe thunderstorms and so on (back at home dealt with Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Warnings on Friday, fortunately everything is good over there and no tornados touched down (THANK GOD)).
This year Anime North had reached its Pre-Reg Weekend Pass cap of 12 000+ the single days attendees. They did a damn good job creating more space in the Dealer Room (as last year was CHAOS) but they ought to have someone do the Quality Control for the schedule of the events and everything. I couldn’t believe how many typos and incorrect spelling of the name of the events such as Fairy Tale (Correction: Fairy Tail), Mahou Shoujo Modoka (Correction: Mahou Shoujo Madoka) and quite a few others as well as the first page of Sunday morning was called Saturday instead.
And that will my Anime North 2012 Coverage!


Myst’s Third Day: Wandering Zombie
What happened today: Nothing.
What I saw today: Part of the replay of the AMV contest.
Day ended.
Today, I was really tired, moody, annoyed, and barely had anything I wanted to see, and even considered skipping this day altogether. I still ended up going though, saw a few cosplays (but not many, since it was the last day), and greatly enjoyed the small bit of the AMV contest that I saw before I had to leave. Apart from that, I can’t really say much more about it, really.
Overall, AN was AWESOME though. Despite my serious lack of sleep and my millions of hours of walking, despite the sun, the wind and the annoying everlasting crowd and line-ups, I loved it. The cosplays were awesome, the ambience was great, I love the fact that you can just randomly start talking to people you’ve never even met and suddenly you can seem like best friends from an outside point of view.
In terms of panels and events, everything was well organized and fun to go to, except for a few events which really deceived me, like the Penguindrum Panel or the Pop Idol Dance Showcase. I can’t say everything was super amazing, but compared to the other convention I went to, this one was organized so much better, and everything was super interesting. I’ll be coming back next year, that’s pretty much assumed 🙂



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