So we’re back with the tiny little side show that is, Danna Ga Nani. 3 minutes and 30 seconds of pure hilarity. Well most of the 3 minutes and 30 seconds anyway. So what happened in today’s episode?

The episode starts up with the husband’s brother..sister….um…this

Damn it. I hate playing this game! um. guy? girl. phone a friend/
Damn it. I hate playing this game! um. guy? girl. phone a friend?

It seems that even the husband has a hard time deciding so he just labels this character as his ‘Broster’

This character is excessively into yaoi. No, i mean like REALLY into yaoi.

Warning; Using this face on strangers may result in a restraining order.
Warning; Using this face on strangers may result in a restraining order.

The husband tries to inform his broster that his wife isn’t an otaku. So she’s put up to a test which she utterly fails when she doesn’t know what the opposite of a seme is.

The couple then wonders if they should let him/her stay the night or have to take the last train home. To which he/she states how they want to see their brother naked in the bath. And this is the immediate next shot.


I have to admit. I lol’ed.

After that little vignette we see that the husband discovers that people have been making yaoi doujins about him and how he’s upset on how he’s always the uke (the submissive one). Then, the wife says one of the funniest things that made me just love her to death and laugh my ass off.


annnddd SOLD.
annnddd SOLD.

That right there made me laugh so hard I had to show it to everyone. This is why I like the show. Right here.

The final little vignette shows that the wife’s friends are coming over to visit. So the husband for really little to no reason decides to wear a horse mask and be freaky.

I'll see you in your nightmares willllburrr
I’ll see you in your nightmares willllburrr

To which the wife punches the husband in the head. And to be fair, I really can’t blame her. For once, I say the guy deserved it for being a douche.

After a while the friends leave and she asks him why he doesn’t ever bring HIS friends over, to which he responds, “I have…friends…on the internet.” to which she huggles him.


And that’s where the episode ends.

This show. Short, sweet, and I love nearly every second of it. I actually find myself continuously looking at the clock seeing how much time is left because I don’t want it to be over. Oki will tell you. I don’t ship a lot, but I ship the fuck out of these two. They are ADORABLE. I wasn’t really a big fan of the broster but then again, I never normally like those characters anyway. So while the later parts were good, the first part with the broster kind of drug the episode down a little at the start for me.

In the little time they give you with these characters all it makes me want to do is learn MORE about them. and be with them MORE. And that’s a series done right. You have such a desperate yearning to watch more and are never once waiting for the ending.

There is no question if i’m watching and/or covering this. I love this show and I’m going to run with it to the end.

Episode….. 7.5/10

Daw they're just as cute as chibis!
Daw they’re just as cute as chibis!