Parasyte -The Maxim- episode 2

Parasyte -the maxim- episode 2, or how I learned to live with an alien in my right hand.

You know, a lot happens this episode. A lot more then I believe I can even remember to talk about so If you haven’t seen this episode i’ll spoiler the end of this review. It’s great, go watch it. Now let’s break the episode down.

Izumi has gotten a lot more used to Migi since the last episode, this is also the first time we call Migi by name as Izumi insists that he can’t keep calling it, “You” or “Him” since the parasite has no interest in the least in human naming schemes, it decides Migi, or in simple terms. Right hand, would be a fitting name.


Some things are just strange when you have an alien living in your right hand, like going to the bathroom. [What is it with this season and bathrooms!? At least this time it’s a scene that sort of makes sense, I’m looking at you Gundam.], other awkward things include, being in love. alone time [the alien trying to get you erect in the school bathroom.] Fighting a guy who loves the same girl as you and having your alien buddy knock him out. There are perks though, like supreme basketball skills that get girls to forgive you for accidently groping them last episode.


But aside from the drama of having to live with a alien in your right hand, we also learn that the media is now referring to the murders caused by the parasites as the mincemeat murders, lovely name isn’t it? We also learn that the parasites only eat that which that inhabit, like the dog in the last episode was eating another dog, a parasite invading a human will eat other humans.

Izumi can’t stand for this, he wants to have Migi help him fight for mankind. This shows in particular when they run into another parasite infected human and Izumi goes to confront him. Migi is incapable of understanding him, as the only life Migi values is it’s own life.

They run into the other parasite infected human and interestingly enough, instead of attacking to kill right off. It invites Migi to share a body with it, transfer over. Even cutting off it’s own right hand to open up a space for Migi. Not even going to lie, despite the fact I know Migi stays with Izumi and that this would be a super short series if it took up the offer, it was still a very suspenseful scene. As the other parasite grows impatient and goes to attack, Migi kills it quickly.

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Izumi feels relived and happy that Migi protected his life, though Migi says it was for his own survival since it was not entirely sure if transferring was really possible.

Another point of interest in this episode is the girl that Izumi likes asking him twice if he’s really him, I think she knows something more then she’s letting on. Though to be fair, the second time she totally had a right. When they were out on their date, they come across some kids that had buried a cat in the sandbox and were throwing stones at the poor thing. [I WISH HE’D FUCKING KILLED THESE LITTLE FUCKERS, ANIMAL ABUSE IS SOMETHING I AM REALLY SENSITIVE ABOUT.] and goes and rescues the cat, and as the boys go to throw the stones at him instead, he catches all three of them with ease.
Total Badass moment.

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In a totally awkward state of events the episode ends with what I assume are two parasite infected humans going to mate….I could be wrong but that’s just my guess for now. Either way it’s pretty clear these two character I don’t know are going to be porking hard.


This episode was great! I can’t think of a single low point, it made me laugh, it made me worried. The gore was up to snuff, the comedy was up to par, Aya Hirano’s Migi continues to impress me with how amazing she’s doing with the voice. The animation is still great and despite how much of a nerd Izumi looks like in the anime version, it’s clear that he’s not at all, in fact he’s a major badass really. The only reason he gets beat up by the guy in the beginning of the episode is he’s afraid of accidently killing him. There was none of the skipping back and forward in time, just a bang up job.
I have a bad feeling for episode three based off the title “The Feast” well, we’ll see where this goes.



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  1. I was really interested how they would handle the whole Migi turining into a giant Penis thing, I am happy to see that they hinted at it. Was it clear for people who didn’t see the manga?

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