Well last week I bitched about how the episode was about Sensei and her bullshit and not about fun manga stuff. Hopefully this week will have nothing to do with Hiotan or Sensei or their stupid relat-



Why show? Why did you sell yourself as a wacky anime otaku show and you think i GIVE A SINGLE SOLITARY SHIT ABOUT THESE ROMANCES? Here’s a clue. I DON’T.

Wanna know what this episode is about? fine. here you go.

Hiotan gets sick


That’s really basically the entire premise. Like…she gets sick, director shows up to make her food he leaves, she collapses, so he takes her to the hospital, she wakes up, and that’s really about it.

The caring I have is none
The caring I have is none

And really, we never see onscreen that he took her to the hospital, so all we really have is his word on that.

Well that sucked. Hopefully part 2 will be about something better. maybe


GODDAMNIT IT’S ABOUT HER BEING SICK AGAIN?! Are you people just THAT out of ideas?

Ugh this show is hurting my brain.

However this time it’s about Sommelier and Sensei showing up. But of course Sommelier gets delegated to the background as make way for Sensei trying to figure out how to get “Girl power” or some shit like that.

Haha. see? it's funny because she's so not girly she doesn't know what underwear is....I hate you show
Haha. see? it’s funny because she’s so not girly she doesn’t know what underwear is….I hate you Sensei

And then finally. FINALLY we get to the ONLY good part of the episode. It’s Christmas time once again and everyone is preparing for the rush of people selling their “lonely singles” stuff.

Then something happens that made this episode bearable. It may only be the last 5 minutes of the episode, but fuck it. I’ll take what I can get.


Thank god! My favorite character showed up dressed as santa wearing a fake mustache! Seriously, any time this lady shows up, it makes the episode 10X better. Not that .3 X10 is a LOT, but it’s still better than .3 . So why is she here you ask? Why to give out manga that was deemed unsellable by the government!

Ho Ho hoeeeyeahh baby. (thinks) did...did i use that joke already?
Ho Ho hoeeeyeahh baby. (thinks) did…did i use that joke already?

And then one of the funniest jokes i’ve seen in a long time pops up and…you..just read this.


(laughs) I… I don’t even know what to say to that. That joke has ACTUALLY left me speechless. Moving on.

Because as they put it the spirit of the season is Eroge as they all say, “Merry Erosmas”

And that’s where the episode ends.

See. Here’s the issue. The last 5 minutes was HILARIOUS. When they went back to their otaku stuff, it was GREAT. But They focused about 18 of those minutes on Hiotan being sick and Director taking care of her and STUPID SHIT.

This serious started off as a fun slapsticky series about otakudom and manga. It quickly deteriorated into romantic angst. And that’s where the show died for me. There are PLENTY of shows that i could watch that are nothing but romantic angst. The problem IS I picked up this show because it was supposed to be a comedy with wacky anime hijinks. They fucking switched genres on me and that pisses me off.

(Not shown. Wacky And/or Hijinks)
(Not shown. Wacky And/or Hijinks)

Last week I said if they didn’t cut this shit out i wouldn’t care anymore. And well…they didn’t. The only thing that stopped me from throwing this shit against a wall was actually the last five minutes of fun stuff. It brought me back to the beginning that the series started with. The problem IS it also reminded me what this series has become and made me very sad thinking about it.

The more and more I watch this show, the less and less i look forward to it every week. I’m not going to stop covering it, but my god. I.. I just don’t care anymore. Fine. If you want your show to be another romantic angst show. Fine. I’m just not going to be one of your fans anymore. Sorry Denki. Unless next episode is an out of nowhere miracle, you’re pretty much dead to me.

(she does not apply to this court ruling)
(she does not apply to this court ruling)

Episode 3/10 (everything except for the last christmas part)

8/10 (last christmas part only)