Anime Boston 2015 [A look at Cosplots]

Let me start by saying at the end of this there is a very important PSA and I think it’s very important for every member to read. Other than that, hooray, the Anime Boston cosplot! Easily one of the best things there is to do and one of the reasons I return every year. I couldn’t wait to go to the Death Match and- whatdoyoumeanihavefuckingpressstuffduringthedeathmatchareyouinsanenoplzimbeggingofyouidontwanttodoitiwanttogoto- So I had no choice but to miss Death Match this year and be a big professional press person. Yes, for one year and one year alone the poor individuals hosting the event didn’t get constantly heckled with “DANCE OFF!!” Yes, that was me Anime Boston. I’m sorry. So I can’t really comment on the beginning of the cosplot! I know my favorite host, Seto Ketchum aka Billy, was not around, but I’m sure they did well with it and I hope next year I can attend.

but look at these cute figures I was checkin out maaan
but look at these cute figures I was checkin out maaan

That being said the way they did the Cosplot this year was actually well done enough to catch it even if you missed some of the events. For instance I went to the LiSa concert hoping to snag some pictures and their pre show were very cute and well done animations explaining the ‘plot’ of the mecha versus the kaiju. I have to give them props for that touch this year, it was incredibly amusing to watch! On top of it they brought a lot of variety to the cosplays in the cosplot, bringing back some epic favorites like the nine tailed fox from Naruto and then freakin’ Klan Klang from Macross Frontier. NOBODY ELSE WATCHES THAT SHOW BUT ME!!!


The end of cosplay chess was so funny I lost it. Even without Billy the staff kept it together. Not that I don’t want Billy back next year. Please? There were definitely some actual chess ‘issues’ but overall everything I saw was good. I still think Kyubey needs to come back with Aizen and rule Anime Boston, come on. But I’m happy to report the Cosplot was a success and I got some really funny pictures. I think the only reason the human side wins every year is because the Anime Boston staff wants us to live or something. Ugh. Living is for suckers. But guys, let’s discuss something important really quick.

one day simon will find the gurren lagann
one day simon will find the gurren lagann

I have to say this: Maybe the Cosplay Chess wasn’t perfect. Usually Cosplay Chess isn’t! It’s much more fun to deal with the story and enjoy the cosplot. But as a member of the press I heard every single word that was said by audience members, including some members who were lucky enough to come in early and get wonderful seats without being press. Let me emphasize this now: I am disgusted. They at Cosplay Chess took it upon themselves to verbally assault the entire staff for letting Cosplay Chess proceed as an event rather than an actual chess match.

how can you hate any event with an asuka this perfect???
how can you hate any event with an asuka this perfect???

Fellow audience members: be ashamed. This is not the way. If you don’t like something, go to closing ceremonies or the forums and say “I think this is how we could improve.” Throwing your shit and saying it was ‘killing your brain cells’ and directly being called out only to refuse to apologize absolutely infuriates me. You were being childish, and you are an adult. You as well, gentleman in the front who kept screaming how wrong the chess was. The rest of us poked fun but the few who did call act childishly deserve to be called on it. Please rethink how you behave at an anime convention. This is for everyone to have fun, especially the volunteers and cosplayers who partake in CosPlots in order to make your last day of Anime Boston good. Part of me hopes next year they directly have Billy back in order to make fun of it more “I’m ten, what do you want from me?” is a great response to hate. I’m just sorry the staff and cosplayers had to deal with it, and when they defended themselves, got completely shafted.

asuka hates haters
asuka hates haters

Please be responsible, kids. Please be courteous. We’re all supposed to be friends, and that is not what a friend does.

As for the cosplot, that’s all the coverage I’ve got. Enjoy the pictures and look it up because nothing beats Asuka beating up everyone in the universe and I’m assuming forcing Simon to marry her so she can get the drill in the divorce.

Oh one last thing, hey cosplayers? Can you stand still an extra second? It’s hard to shoot more than one picture when you stand for half a second to show off your cosplays in these events, the extra second gives me a chance to show case your hard work. Good job on all your cosplays!




4 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2015 [A look at Cosplots]

  1. Hi! I’m actually the Asuka from chess! Thank you SO much for all of the support and the great shots! It was my first time in chess and I had such a great time, and I’m really glad people loved my performance!

    But thank you! I have the biggest beef with the hecklers. It was so rude and so obnoxious and made things harder for the cosplayers on the board. It was hard enough to hear on stage since the mics are projected to the audience so having a ton of people screaming “ASUKA ASUKA ASUKA” while you’re trying to listen for your cue, yeah, not helpful. If you watch the video of the match you can actually see me turn to the audience with disgust, but then again it just looks like me being Asuka.

    1. You were definitely great, and it says something that it was hard to tell your disgust from your acting as Asuka, lol.

      I feel really bad for you guys. I’ve been one of those guys in Death Match hoping for dances and screaming for a tie, but the whole point of that game is to scream for what you want. It’s different in chess where the point is to laugh and have a good time and it just. . .I was there. It did not help. It was rude and offensive and I apologize on behalf of everyone in the front rows.

  2. AB2015 Death Match coordinator here. I am so glad you enjoyed the Chesss game but I am crying that you missed Death Match! I would have appreciated your critiques. Oh well!

    1. If you want I can watch the videos and give you some feedback..LOL! Trust me when I say I wish I could’ve been there…handsdown my favorite event at AB!

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