So the episode starts up and I can’t help but wonder, what story will we cover this week and I am greeted with an image of Hiroki styling his hair for a date with Nowaki and….WAIT, EGOIST? Yes! I have been waiting, if you guys haven’t noticed by my bringing it up in like every previous review. Now I can finish off the rest of the season happily.


With that said, let’s take a look at both parts of the episode. The first part of the episode is dedicated to the worry of working far too much and not seeing each other often. The second half is Nowaki worrying as he notices that Hiroki’s parents have sent him a photo from a dating service. You know, trying to marry him off since he’s from a wealthy family.
Both parts of the episode are fairly cute, the best part about this couple is no matter how much they worry through either part of the episode. You know that nothing is going to break them apart.

While Usagi’s family is a legit worry in the Romantica pairing and EVERYTHING is wrong with the Terrorist pairing. This couple has been together for seven years, they live together. They’re happy. Of course, they have worries from time to time.
I think it’s pretty normal to get a little lonely when your loved one works a lot. Hiroki knows it’s silly and childish, but it’s just how he feels because as the episode title says ‘An hour away from a loved one can seem like days.’ or something of that sort.


Nowaki is a doctor, they work crazy hours.

As for the second half of the episode, i’d say it’s a little more silly. Even if his parents were trying to set him up with a woman, Nowaki should know better. Hiro loves him, deeply. Not to mention he’s gay as hell, like, a few people in this show are bi-sexual at best but Hiroki is gay. He’s been gay since he fell in love with Akihiko when they were kids.
So no woman that his parents are trying to hook him up with is going to be good enough for him.

I also really like the scene in this episode where you can clearly see that Hiroki has gotten over Akihiko. When he sees Akihiko and Misaki and smiles and says that he’s glad that Akihiko has found someone he likes that much. Though he does comment saying that he didn’t remember Misaki being Akihiko’s type. I also love the way that Misaki reacted to seeing him like “AH, PROFESSOR. HI, UM…OMG…I SHOULD GO NOW. BAI!”


Anyway, Hiroki showing Nowaki a letter he’s sending to his parents, admitting that there is already someone he’s in love with. That’s a sweet gesture. AHHHH, this is why I love this couple!
Then Nowaki being like “I want to meet your parents”

I am so happy they got to this pairing at last. While I love Romantica, there is just a special place in my heart for Egoist. They are always the chapters I read first when re-reading the manga. They’re the ones I look the most forward too having new chapters come out. Nowaki and Hiroki are precious and I would never change that.