I feel like every week i’m back sucking this show’s dick. To be fair though…it’s a really really good show. I can’t say that i’ve ever really HATED a single episode of this show. There’s been some weak ones sure, but overall, I’ve enjoyed this show immensely. It’s managed to take a series that I thought was “meh” at best and make it into something I can’t wait for the next episode. That being said, this episode was a great one too. Let’s jump in.

So the summer festival is coming up and Reiner really wants to ask out Christa to it. However he knows that Bertholdt really likes Annie and wants to use that as an excuse to have them tag along.

Poker face right here.
Poker face right here.

However, overhearing this, the entire rest of the group joins in and invites themselves.

To help him out, both Reiner and Ymir team up to give him pointers and come up with a strategy to win over Annie.

Bro, we're going to help you get some
Bro, we’re going to help you get some action. Some COLOSSAL action. (wink wink)

Firstly the want to try to have him compliment her. That doesn’t go too well. Then they want him to try to show how masculine he is by winning a shooting game. That..also doesn’t go over too well.

bitch got mad skillz yo.
bitch got mad skillz yo.

The final plan is to jump in the way and get covered by italian ice instead of her when they “Accidentally” spill it on her. However, this time Bernholdt feels bad they were trying to trick her and goes off.

After he cleans himself off he goes over to do a pin cut out. Everyone begins to look for him but Annie knows where he’ll be because he knows that’s his hobby at festivals. They decide to sit down and talk. Everyone follows them but hides as they wait for what they think is a confession.

D'aw...okay they're pretty cute
D’aw…okay they’re pretty cute

However it ends up not being one and they he asks her if she’ll do pin cut outs with him and that’s basically where the episode ends, with him being patient and not pushing it.

This episode was absolutely adorable. I FUCKING LOVE this show. This was one of those “check the timer to see how much time is left” episodes. As in, I was afraid it would end soon. I would say the ONLY issue I had with this episode was they didn’t end up together. That’s really it. I have no other complaints about this episode. Sure Reiner could have had some moments with Christa but with the 17 minutes they had for this episode, I don’t think there would have been enough time.

The pace was good, it gave side characters some well deserved screen time, and it had some good inside jokes that are massive spoilers to anyone who cares (aka not me).

All in all, after having to deal with a crappy day at work and a crappy episode of Ushio and Tora, this episode really made me feel better.

Seriously. Fuck it. This show is canon
Seriously. Fuck it. This show is canon

This review is short because well…..it’s hard to describe the feeling you get from watching this show. Just saying what happened in it doesn’t do it justice. This series just gives you this…this feeling.

Watching the other version leaves you tired. It leaves you drained. Yes you get a little bit pumped during the action, but you’re left with a constant state of dread. Of worry. This show is the antithesis of that. It leaves you with a happy, warm feeling with the same characters. The same voice actors. Just different art and a different situation. It goes to show you can take any setting no matter how terrible the source material is and make it work.

It is no secret that I do not like Attack on Titan. I never have. It is depressing, violent, and at times, very boring and drawn out. This series though has actually made me care about everyone as I know they won’t die and I won’t have to miss them. The characters have a chance to breathe. To learn. To experience in a setting the other didn’t allow them to.

I love this show and as long as it keeps the formula it currently has, I will forever be a fan.

Episode 8.5/10